Therapy Session - We're Not Having Fun Anymore
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We’re back with another Therapy Session! Join us on today’s show as we dish about the time where we almost got eaten by a wild bear on a camping trip, some great questions we answered from the “What the Heck?” deck, as well as some fun we had with a new online tool we found. We also chat about the meaning behind the title of this show, how some recent time off has changed our perception about the business and what lies ahead.

Not only do we share our memories of our earlier days (some good and some bad) and how they were pivotal to getting us to where we are today, but you’ll also hear all about our plans for our new podcast space, and our focus on even more creativity and fun than we’ve ever had before! Once you have listened, be sure to tune in to our previous shows with Erin Pheil and Marx Acosta-Rubio to get more insight on how to use your time more wisely, increase your happiness, and change your life for the better.

There’s a lot of stuff going on, and when we do things I want to make sure we are serving the best way possible and doing the best work we can.” - Joe Fier

Getting back, I was thinking how do I keep this feeling going? How do I focus on having more fun, creating more experiences, doing more cool stuff while simultaneously making sure that the business keeps on pushing forward?” - Matt Wolfe


Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What’s the funniest place we had ever fallen asleep?
  • Matt’s fresh perspectives after his big road trip
  • Dealing with the cycle of expansion and contraction
  • Revisiting why we started a business in the first place
  • Dealing with guilt when we are having too much fun
  • Would you quit your job right after you bought a house and two days before your wedding? One of us did just that…
  • Hold us accountable to what you’ll hear us say
  • Our next big move for the show - literally!
  • Why FUN is on the horizon and some of the new things you can expect from us
  • An episode where we bring in dogs as reviewers?


Resources From Us:

  • PodHacker - Learn the new way of using a podcast to build a tribe, grow your business & create multiple streams of income by simply copying our plug & play PodHacker System


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