Mandy McEwen - Building Lasting Relationships Using LinkedIn
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Mandy McEwen from, brought the goods today as this episode has a boatload of tactics on how to connect and showcase your brand on LinkedIn. When Mandy told us that only 1% of users are actively posting on that platform, it really opened up our eyes to the possibilities. While LinkedIn may not be the answer for everyone, chances are your audience is on there. To be successful on LinkedIn, you really want to do what everyone else is not doing, i.e. acting like a human being without constantly pitching. 

Mandy talks about some cool tips to dial in your profile to make you stand out as an influencer leader and how there are different features on the mobile app which you can optimize. She also discusses how her own clients have grown without even posting, but just by engaging. You can create that closed-loop system with comments and posts, plus she got tactical in regards to what the LinkedIn algorithm really loves. There are also some tips on how to post documents, and use LinkedIn Navigator to fine-tune your feed. If you want to get additional reach, connect with the people you want and appear as a thought leader, check out all the ideas she shares. Afterward, round out your networking and LinkedIn know-how by checking out our previous episodes with Trevor Turnbull and Joshua B. Lee.

We all have personal brands, whether you want it or not, especially entrepreneurs. Really anyone with a LinkedIn profile has a personal brand so you might as well start owning it.” - Mandy McEwen

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to really succeed with LinkedIn (and it’s not as hard as you think)
  • The “Don’t List” of what not to do reach LinkedIn outreach
  • How to be seen as the industry expert without having to create a ton of unique content
  • Leverage these hacks to curate your own content easily
  • Which types of posts LinkedIn prefers the most
  • How to use LinkedIn to make you look more like an influencer
  • A super easy hack to make you stand out
  • Yet another business idea that we would use if you create it
  • The results that you can get just from leaving one comment on a post
  • Mandy’s key takeaways from her Traffic & Conversion talk

Resources From Mandy McEwen:

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  • The Dopamine Dealer of LinkedIn - Joshua B. Lee
  • A Master of LinkedIn Shares His Real Secrets To Success - Trevor Turnbull
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