How To Capitalize On "The Creator Economy"
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This episode is going to be a great extension of what we have been chatting about in the last few weeks. Also, since we’ve been talking a lot about branding, we are back to branding these episodes as a Therapy Session once again. There’s been some great opportunities that we have been discussing for a while, specifically in the creator economy. We now see our company as a media company rather than just a podcast. We also know there are those listeners who are not necessarily trying to create a media brand, so we wanted to speak to that audience. If you know that the creator economy is getting bigger, there’s never been a better time to figure out how to sell the shovels to that industry without having to be an influencer. 

We talk about the opportunities that we see in the creator economy and some cool stats that compare it to the gig economy. We also drop some insight into how you, as an entrepreneur can use this opportunity. Once you become aware of where the money and attention is flowing, you can position yourself and ride that wave with the creators. It’s a smart approach and we’ll talk about some ways where it’s not you building the media company, but you can be the specialist to provide your services to those on the rise, even positioning yourself for rev deals and partnership. Once you listened, be sure to check out our chats with Gary Henderson and Travis Chappell for tips on how to make connections and network with influencers on a level playing field.

Position yourself properly and strategically - anyone can do that now with the creator/influencer economy.” - Joe Fier

The fact that each one of these things has so many subtasks, is a huge opportunity for digital marketers who want to go and specialize in one of those. Just look at YouTube, and look at one of the tasks you’ve got to do for YouTube. There’s a business there that you can go and replicate for people over and over again.” - Matt Wolfe

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Examples of opportunities that never existed before, which you can specialize in and build a business around
  • Some interesting stats on where the creator economy is headed
  • A look behind the scenes of how we are building our media company
  • Generalists vs. specialists in the agency world, and how the pandemic has switched things up
  • Ideas on how to leverage the creator economy 
  • Steal one of our business ideas and run with it!
  • How to present a no-brainer deal to a creator, and turn it into a rev share deal 

Our Resources:

  • - Learn The New Way of Using A Podcast To Build A Tribe, Grow Your Business & Create Multiple Streams Of Income

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