Jason Fladlien - Frameworks To Obliterate Sales Objections
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After a tough childhood, turning to spirituality by becoming a Hari Krishna monk, then trying to follow his bliss by putting out hip hop music, Jason Fladlien finally found his way to success with webinars. But he’s not just any webinar creator. Jason has a unique way of presenting and has been uber-successful with his tactics, once earning ten million dollars in just eight days.

You are going to absolutely love today’s show as Jason is a master at his craft, and gives us a boatload of tactics on how to stand out from the webinar crowd as well as various ways in which he handles the most common objections that arise, to turn people on the fence into buyers. This is definitely a show that’s chock full of tactics as well as different ways to look at what you are presenting so that’s it’s a win-win for you and your customers. When you’re done listening be sure to check out our conversations with Joel Erway and Drew Burks for more lessons on how to give a perfect presentation.

I took the same content that I had sold as a $17 ebook and started using that as educational content on a webinar to fulfill the same training but in a different modality being live online and I found you could charge $97 for the same information if it was fulfilled via webinars.” - Jason Fladlien

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Jason went from being a Hari Krishna monk to become a marketing genius
  • Is Muscatine, Iowa really a hip-hop capital of the world?
  • The beauty of the “One-One-One Product”
  • How Jason pioneered the webinar model and sold $100,000,000 of stuff along the way
  • The result of the “Haley’s Comet” of webinars
  • Using the “Million Dollar Guarantee”
  • The Time Dilation Technique and how to use it both in the future and the past
  • How to reframe your audience’s problem in a different way to make them take action
  • Awesome replies to common objections that you can swipe and use
  • The close Jason uses for the $10,000,000 webinar
  • Getting your customers to purchase courses a second time (even when it costs more) because the bonuses are so good
  • Instead of trying to convince your webinar attendees and simply show them the methodology, what you want to do instead
  • And much, much more!

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