Jay Abraham - Be The Victor, Not The Victim
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Today we are talking to an absolute legend in the marketing world, Jay Abraham. Jay has not only written countless books but is the $21.7 billion dollar man and highest paid marketing consultant and has an uncanny ability to solve both complex and simple problems out there for business owners, whether it be underperforming businesses or employees transitioning to an entrepreneurial role. He has weathered four different recession type economies and with his expertise, you will get some actionable and tactical advice after listening to this episode.

Jay is a high-level thinker and thinks of businesses in ways that most people don’t.  We talk about how to combine one business with another and make it more profitable for everyone involved, and with this interview, we manage to get very tactical as to how to approach these conversations and contact these people. During this quarantine time, we have been learning a lot of strategies and methods that we should have been doing anyway, so these methods we discuss lately are relevant even when you are not in quarantine. After you’ve listened, be sure to check out the past shows we’ve done with Dustin Mathews and Bob Serling to give you some additional intake on creating successful business relationships. 

If you have not just critical thinking, but consequential thinking and you understand probability and outcomes, then it’s not as daunting as you think. There’s only a finite number of scenarios that will probably happen” - Jay Abraham

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Jay’s story about working with Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen on their book, Cracking the Millionaire Code
  • Ways to ensure your mindset is in the right place 
  • Non-linear strategies that will put you ahead of the rest 
  • How to set up deal structures when setting up meetings
  • How to approach businesses that need help and come out as their savior, while also creating a new revenue stream for yourself
  • Why you should attend the ‘Aikido School of Marketing’
  • The right kind of connections to search for when looking at LinkedIn
  • The beauty of business arbitrage, and a variety of ways to creatively put yourself in the middle
  • What to do right now, to make sure your business is running most efficiently 
  • And much, much more!

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