Navigating the Baby Formula Shortage Crisis with Dr. Rodd Stein
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Joining Brett Freeman on the show today is Dr. Rodd Stein. Dr. Stein is a pediatrician with Northern Westchester Hospital, and is a graduate of the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. Today, Dr. Stein discusses the baby formula shortage being experienced nationally and offers his expertise on what nursing mothers can do to keep their babies healthy in the midst of this crisis.

Dr. Stein explains the current situation with the baby formula shortage and how he has seen less cases locally. He strongly advises that mothers should not attempt to create their own formulas by following online recipes. He also offers his recommendation that nursing mothers who are struggling to get formula should try breastfeeding and seek resources from both their pediatricians and local hospitals. Listen in today to access valuable advice from a trusted professional regarding this extremely important topic.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • The impact of the present baby formula shortage crisis
  • Why mothers should not attempt creating their own formulas
  • Resources for struggling mothers who are nursing
  • The warning signs of malnutrition in babies


“Moms are struggling to obtain baby formula.”

“The Academy of Pediatrics says don't make your own formula, we have enough resources and things we can do to help keep your baby healthy, without you having to make formula based on recipes online.”

“The other thing they say not to do is to try and stretch out your formula by diluting what you have. That's a definite 'no'. It can lead to electrolyte imbalances in your baby, which can lead to really severe health issues.”

“Allergies to breast milk are not very common. There are babies who will have problems with breast milk, but that's usually because they have a milk sensitivity.”

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