Humans Outside
Humans Outside
Aug 2, 2022
225 Outdoor Diary: That Time I Conquered 50 Miles
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There’s dreaming, there’s preparing and then there’s doing. When it comes to big outdoor goals and adventures, dreaming and prepping take the most time -- but the doing is where you get to see if you have what it takes after all. In this week’s Outdoor Diary Amy dives into the race she’s been preparing for all season, why she decided to try the shorter distance instead of again tackling the race she dropped out of last year and how it all went. Listen now.

Some of the good stuff:

[:46] A little bit of background on my race

[1:34] What happened last time

[2:26] What I picked instead and why

[3:14] It started like this

[3:40] What you can see there

[4:15] What I was hoping to do

[4:40] What actually happened

[5:10] The sweet reward

[5:20] Tiny little snafu and rescue

[5:35] Zero stars to the burger place

[5:45] Bugs are rude

[6:00] 50 again?

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