Humans Outside
Humans Outside
Jul 28, 2022
224 Best Of: Does Getting Bored In Nature Make You Happier? (Michael Easter)
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If you have a kid or have been a kid, you’ve probably heard or uttered this phrase at some point over the summer. And even as adult, you may have lingered over the feeling of boredom, then quickly pivoted to something like picking up your phone or switching on the TV to ease that discomfort.

In this ‘best of’ episode we hear from author Michael Easter on his book The Comfort Crises: Embrace Discomfort To Reclaim Your Wild, Happy, Healthy Self and why getting bored in nature makes you happier.

Some of the good stuff:

[2:31] Michael Easter’s favorite outdoor space

[4:47] How Michael became someone who likes to go outside

[7:18] What, exactly, the middle of nowhere in Alaska is like

[10:41] Why being open to stuff matters

[15:47] What it’s like to be out there for 33 days

[18:41] Why do we get bored?

[23:43] What does boredom do to your brain?

[27:47] What’s the intersection of discomfort, boredom and going outside?

[30:37] Why does it make us happier?

[33:05] Why do we shy away from risk and boredom?

[36:19] How do we insert boredom into our lives?

[38:52] How to get bored and stay bored

[44:07] Michael’s favorite and most essential outdoor gear

[50:37] Michael’s favorite outdoor moment

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