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HR Superstars
Mar 9, 2021
Becoming a Dragon Leader: How Fire, Vulnerability, and Curiosity Make You a Better Leader w/ Dov Baron
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How can we recognize and nurture dragons in our organizations?

How can we become dragons ourselves?

Wait, what is all this talk about dragons?

Don’t worry, we’re not trying to become flying, fire-breathing mythical creatures.

But we are on a quest to push ourselves to improve, to commit to our purpose, and to serve our full potential. As leaders, we want to help our people do the same.

To find out how to become better leaders and help employees connect to greater meaning, we caught up with “The Dragonist” Dov Baron, Leadership Strategist and Loyalty Authority, IncMag Top100 leadership speaker, #1 Fortune500 PodcastHost, and Entrepreneur Magazine contributor.

What we talked about:

-Where the term “Dragon Leader” came from.

-How to lead your people through a heroic journey.

-What meaningful leadership looks like.

-How your past shapes the way you lead (and a reflective exercise that makes us a bit uncomfy).

-The difference between vulnerability and emotional vomit.

-How to address division with continuous curiosity.

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