HR Superstars
HR Superstars
Oct 25, 2022
Tech-Enabled Coaching Creates A Work World Where Everybody Wins with 15Five’s Jon Greenawalt
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Being a manager today is like taking a master class in self-development.

More than any external practice, your own self-awareness and emotional intelligence are key to both your individual success and your organization’s success. When we intentionally grow in these areas, work can be a win-win paradigm where we bring our best selves to work and invite others to do the same.

This all sounds great, right? But how do we actually make it happen?

Jon Greenawalt, SVP of Customer Transformation at 15Five, shares how tech is making coaching more accessible, and how it can bring about lasting change.

In this episode, Jon dives into the core competencies of a modern leader, how to create learning programs that work, and how to show the return on your investment in personal development.

Join us as we discuss:

  • [08:00] Continuous education and training
  • [10:00] Integrating learning and development with HR
  • [14:30] Translating ideas to action through software
  • [16:30] Turning survey data into an actionable strategy
  • [23:00] Where the ed tech industry is going
  • [27:00] Measuring learning outcomes
  • [30:00] What healthy psychological safety looks like
  • [36:00] Why strengths-based development works
  • [38:30] The importance of self-awareness as a leader

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