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HR Superstars
Sep 13, 2022
Leveraging Whole-Brain Thinking to Become a Human-Centered Leader with Ann Herrmann-Nehdi
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How many times have you taken a personality assessment only to forget all about it a few days later?

Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, Chair of the Board and Chief Thought Leader at Herrmann, believes it’s time to make assessments usable on a daily basis. Hermann uses a proprietary Whole Brain® Thinking approach (not a personality assessment) to make it easy to build alignment, engagement, and agility across your organization.  Ann’s on a mission to help leaders and teams change their thinking and leverage each others’ strengths.

She joins the show to discuss neurodiversity, retraining your brain, and becoming a human-centered leader. We dive into practical ways to take ownership of your mind and build a stronger team by understanding yourself and others more deeply.

Join us as we discuss:

[03:00] Defining cognitive diversity and neurodiversity [05:30] How the brain develops over time [09:00] How to change your brain [12:30] Becoming a human-centered leader [19:30] Beginning the journey of self-awareness [26:15] Using assessments effectively [35:30] The importance of recognizing our differences

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