Michelle Lynn
This is a weekly podcast for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs), introverts, empaths, intuitives, INFJs or anyone else that wants a little help supporting sensitivity! My name is Michelle Lynn. I share my experiences as a highly sensitive person while discussing the works of Dr. Elaine Aron. It is my intention to provide useful tips and resources for other individuals looking to balance, maintain, and enhance their own unique sensitivities. The show is perfect for HSPs, introverts, empaths, intuitives, individuals with ADHD, and anyone that has regular interaction with people that have sensory needs. The information I provide is not only helpful for HSPs, but it can also benefit parents and spouses of the highly sensitive, educators, employers, individuals with autism or other sensory processing sensitivities and disorders. It’s candid, useful information that listeners can apply to their life immediately. I want to acknowledge and celebrate sensitivity. It’s time to help the people that help everybody else.
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