How to Decorate
How to Decorate
Nov 13, 2020
Ep. 170: Nashville Week: Ray Booth
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This is the last day of our Nashville Week! Our guest this episode has many layers. Ray Booth is a designer, architect, bestselling author of Evocative Interiors, partner at McALPINE Design and this year launches his inaugural furniture collection with Hickory Chair and his first accessory and lighting collection with Arteriors. We talk to him about the design of his multiple homes including a home that rose from the ashes; Travelers Ridge. We ask him about decorating the mundane spaces, his love of light and drapery, and how to know when we have overfilled a room.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • How Ray got his start with McALPINE and his journey from Alabama to NYC and back again.
  • The backstory on Ray’s grand hilltop home, Travelers Ridge, in Nashville. He literally built the home from the ground up on the land of charred ruins.
  • Ray shares how he makes use of the outdoor space using terraces and how he makes a 5200 sq ft home feel intimate using layers, texture, proportion, and scale.
  • Ray likes to think of a home as a story using pauses and punctuation and uses things like screens, scrims, and curtains in the home to accomplish that.
  • Ray likes to use lightweight and thin drapery in order to “activate” the windows in a room.
  • Ray created “working pantries”, complete with a sink, as landing place for dishes and other things so the kitchen can remain the gathering place without having the messy stuff front and center.
  • Round rugs get a bad wrap, but Ray thinks if you do them in a solid color it becomes a fun, graphic way to define a space.
  • In terms of embracing or ignoring the style of a home, it’s important to listen and hear what the client is asking for.
  • You want your design to have staying power, so we have to acknowledge where we are both location wise and architecturally. The design of Ray’s homes are heavily influenced by this.
  • Ray hopes that people will seek more authenticity from their homes due to spending so much time in them during the pandemic. Our homes are such an extension of our inner selves.
  • Ray considers light to be “magic elixir” and designs and builds to allow light into the home.

Mentioned In This Episode:

Ray Booth Design

Ray Booth Design on Instagram

“Evocative Interiors” – On Amazon

Travelers Ridge

Decorating Dilemma

Hi Amelia,

Great to hear from you again! Here’s what Ray has to say.

Let’s start with the drapery. A lighter drapery is going to allow the light to come in. If you have to have the blackout option, I would look to a Roman shade instead of the heavy velvet. I would encourage you to not put the patterned fabric on the lampshades. Lamps are for light, so I like the crispness and the brightness of a white shade rather than a gathered fabric shade. If you are going to use that accent fabric, think of doing almost a king-sized pillow with it rather than chopping it into smaller pieces. Color wise, I think your walls are really the opportunity to bring some color into the room. This will contrast with the white lampshades and lighter drapery.

Keep decorating and sending us your questions, Amelia!  

Dear Alice | Interior Design
Dear Alice | Interior Design
LaunchPod Media
Rules We Break | Knowing Why & When
In this episode we talk about the design rules we break and the rules that aren't really rules at all. We went to school to learn all the rules, so we can know when and why to break them. We talk about upper cabinet doors vs open shelving and the rules we follow around fireplace hearths. We talk about putting area rugs on carpet. When to do it and why. We discuss other space planning rules including what to do when you have a shorter ceiling in terms for good balance and scale. We feel strongly that rules were meant to be broken, just do it right. Join our mailing list to see space plans and get exclusive offers: Are upper cabinet doors making a comeback? 1:13 Rugs on carpet 7:44 Fireplace hearth 10:24 Space planning rule that breaks people’s brains 20:39 Short ceilings 23:03 “Any designer on the AD100, and you look at their spaces, they are putting things at all different angles, using things for different intentions than what they were originally built for and that’s why they’re so magnificent. And you’re just like, ‘Whoa!’ ...I think by knowing these rules and how to break them, and studying these spaces, I think that everyone on this that’s listening can get closer to that type of look, and should.” 28:47 News Letter:
33 min
Decorating Tips and Tricks
Decorating Tips and Tricks
Bespoke FM
Get it together 2021 - Organization Tips
It's the new year, and it's time to get organized! I promise it will help you to get over the post holiday blues and the winter blahs. Seeing your closet all in order will be just what the doctor ordered! We've found several fun organizational items for you. Check out the items below. We participate in the Amazon affiliate program, so if you make a purchase thru our links we may receive a small fee from Amazon. Our participation in no way effects the price you pay. Bamboo cutlery expandable organizer. See it HERE ( Poppin portable laptop desk. See it HERE ( Poppin desk organizer in a fabulous slate blue. See it HERE ( Uncommon Goods hanging phone keeper. See it HERE. ( Uncommon Goods stuffable vintage kilm pouf. See it HERE ( Charcoal grey storage bench/ottoman under $45!. See it HERE ( Counter stool/chair suggestions: HERE ( - HERE ( & HERE ( Out hot topic this week is Marie Kondo teams up with The Container Store for a sustainable line. HERE ( Crushes: Kelly is loving her new Pendelton 5th Ave plaid blanket in the goldendale color wave. See it HERE ( Anita's stove top smoker that she loves is HERE ( Sign up for our insider emails here on our site. Click HERE ( and enter your address. If you have a moment we would so appreciate it if you left a review for DTT on iTunes. Just go HERE ( and click listen in apple podcasts. Thanks in advance! XX, Anita & Kelly
1 hr 5 min
She Explores
She Explores
Ravel Media
Our Cultural Connection - See Us Outside, Episode 1
We all have our own profound connection to land and water that should be honored and respected, but all too often, dominant narratives of what it means to be an ‘outdoorsperson’ uplifts just one way to be outdoors. In the first episode of “See Us Outside,” Gabaccia talks with leaders from Brown Girl Surf and Charles Roundtree Bloom Project to help affirm the cultural connection to nature that exists for girls and women of color. _About the series: _ This special She Explores miniseries is made in collaboration with The Cairn Project, and made possible by a grant from the Walton Family Foundation. Host Gabaccia Moreno is our guide in exploring the unique relationships girls and young women of color have with the natural world and outdoor recreation. Through the voices and stories of leaders and participants from diverse outdoor organizations doing the work to help young people of color thrive in the outdoors, this four-part audio miniseries will highlight the joy, connection, and community these girls find in nature, as well as the importance of organizations doing the work to expand outdoor opportunities. This is inclusive of all cis and trans women and girls of color, as well as folks of all gender identities who feel comfortable in spaces that center women. That said, for the most part, when we talk about gender we most often do so in terms of those who are socialized as girls and women in a more heteronormative, binary way. Featured in this episode: Cristal Cisneros, Ki’Amber Thompson, and Mira Manickam-Shirley; _Voice memos included_ in this episode were submitted by Meggy Pyaneeandee and Arlene Huezo _Hosted by Gabaccia Moreno_ _Produced by Gabaccia Moreno, Noël Russell, and Gale Straub_ _A Production of __Ravel Media_ Resources: * The Cairn Project * Website | Instagram | Facebook * Organizations Highlighted * The Charles Roundtree Bloom Project: Website | Instagram * Brown Girl Surf: Website | Instagram | Facebook * Women's Wilderness: Website | Instagram | Facebook * Young Women Who Crush: Website | Instagram * Featured in this episode: * Cristal Cisneros * Ki’Amber Thompson * Mira Manickam-Shirley * Voice Memos Featured * Meggy Pyaneeandee | Instagram * Arlene | Instagram * Host: Gabaccia Moreno * Website | Instagram _All Four Episodes of See Us Outside Are Available Now Wherever You Listen to She Explores_ The opening See Us Outside Compilation includes the voices of Marinel De Jesus, Yakuta Poonawalla, Meggy Pyaneeandee, Fernanda Jardim, Arlene, Chi Pham, Denise Meeker and Doreen Wong and includes Spanish, French, Portuguese, Tagalog, Hindi, Vietnamese, Cantonese, and English. _Music by Joy Ike & Sita via MusicBed_ _Podcast Art by Susana Castro _ _@susdraws_
32 min
Stitch Please
Stitch Please
Lisa Woolfork, Marcy Harriell, Nateida Lathan, Keira Wood
Thanks I Made Them! with Bianca Springer
Support the Stitch Please podcast and Black Women Stitch $15 to the Paypal account for a Black Women Stitch lapel pin! DM or email your mailing to address for free shipping. You can also pay with Cash App Sustained support also appreciated here: For as little as $2 a month, your Patreon support means a lot: Join here Patreon Contact Bianca on her social and shopping channels Instagram: @thanksimadethem Featured in the following publications Threads Magazine Holiday Guide Sew Quick + Easy Bianca says: I try to make things that are first, meaningful to me. If I share it and it connects, inspires, delights or motivates someone else, that is wonderful to me. From a business perspective, having exposure and visibility of my products on large platforms is important to spread the word. I appreciate it when it happens and will not turn those opportunities down. I have noticed however, that exposure does not necessarily drive sales. The individual customer who is excited about their order, the ease of use, the diversity of designs that are a reflection of their values, do. The story post, the unboxing post, the IG or Youtube videos showing their enthusiasm is contagious. They tell a friend and the cycle of kindness continues. I don't ask for it and I know it takes work on their part. It is meaningful to me that customers go above and beyond to support me and spread the word.
1 hr
WeCrochet Podcast
WeCrochet Podcast
Cozy Winter Crochet
There's a chill in the air and it is officially winter. In this episode of the WeCrochet Podcast we're talking all about cuddling up and crocheting the winter days away. First, Heather and Sara check in and find out how each other's holiday went and what projects they worked on during their time off. Next, Heather & Regan chat about our Wintertide Collection, which has all the crochet patterns you need to make it until spring. Regan gives some behind-the-scenes info about the photo shoot for this collection, and they talk about their favorite of these patterns. Heather also teaches us about "hygge" which was one of the inspirations for this collection. Last, we're debuting our new segment, Ask Katelyn! Katelyn answers important crochet questions from our crochet community. Find out important info about yarn swifts, whether or not to use the magic ring, how to find the starting point on a ball of yarn, and more. She also defines what "yarn barf" is for us who didn't already know there was a word for that. Mentioned in this episode: Heather's plant pot cozies Wintertide Collection Pulmu Pullover Palette Yarn WeCrochet Magazine Issue 5 Hygge Poncho Wool of the Andes Tweed Nordic Color Blanket Perseid Sweater Snow Crystal Sweater Hearthstone Top Yarn Swift Yarn Swift Bag Ball Winder Lotion Bar Bobbin Yarn Bobbin Sheep Bobbin Magic Ring Simple Crochet stretches Timestamps: 0:00 Sara and Heather chat about their cozy winter crochet 5:35 Heather and Regan talk about the Wintertide Collection 20:17 Ask Katelyn! Katelyn and Heather answer questions from our crochet community 22:05 Question: "Where is the best place to get a swift?" 27:54 Question: "How do you use one of those bow needles that come in crochet kits?" 29:30 Question: "When working in the round - Magic ring or 2 chains?" 32:48 Question: "What do I do if I can't find the starting point of the yarn on the ball?" 35:55 Question: "Is there a trick to not getting two balls of yarns tangled when doing tapestry crochet?" 38:44 Question: "How do I stop crocheting?" 40:22 Credits
42 min
Knit Picks' Podcast
Knit Picks' Podcast
Knit Picks
Episode 335 - Meet Tian Connaughton
We're back. Winter is here and our Knit Picks Team is very busy working to bring you exciting new things in 2021. If you missed it in last episode, we said goodbye to our Knit Picks Host Hannah Maier as she embarks on new adventures. Behind the scenes we're working on our new podcast voice and style so stay tuned. Last year Knit Picks and our sister brand WeCrochet ventured into the world of live streams. Today we're sharing with you an interview that WeCrochet did in the fall of 2020 with knit and crochet designer Tian Connaughton. Tian is a joy and we are very excited to share some of this interview with you. Sara, who has been on this podcast before, asks Tian about her crafting story and her inspiration and business. We'll have new things to share about Tian's work later this year but until then you can start to get to know her, if you don't already. So grab your knitting, settle in, and get ready to meet your new knitting friend. Mentioned in this Episode: Last episode of the podcast Knit Picks Facebook Lives Knit Picks Facebook Lives on Youtube WeCrochet Facebook Lives WeCrochet Facebook Lives on Youtube WeCrochet Facebook Live with Tian WeCrochet Magazine: Issue 4 WeCrochet Magazine: Issue 5 Tian's Website Pattern Partnership Program Tian's Designs 32 Market Street Tee Obeah Hat Wingdale Cowl Stroll Gradient Muse Tian's Instagram Account - TianConnaughton Tian's Instagram Account - KnitDesignsbyTian Real Talk With Tian Timestamps: 0:00 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast 1:18 Sara from WeCrochet interviews Tian Connaughton 10:32 "How do you start with a design" 14:29 Love women entrepreneurs helping women entrepreneurs 30:37 Credits
32 min
Knitmoregirls's Podcast
Knitmoregirls's Podcast
The Knitmore Girls- Jasmin and Gigi
Hydra- Episode 611- The Knitmore Girls
This week's episode is sponsored by: Escape to Britain and beyond without leaving your seat. Try Acorn TV free for 30 days, by going to Acorn dot TV and use my promo code knitmore. That’s A-C-O-R-N dot T-V, code knitmore to get your first 30 days for free! Carry your creativity with Erin Lane Bags! Whether you show your fiber fandom with the woolly wonder Sheepleverse, or dive into history with the Curiosities collection, our project bags, totes, and hook and needle organizers are at the ready to keep your hobby happy. When was the last time your knitting yarn was a work of art? Infinite Twist produces one-of-a-kind semi-solid gradients featuring speckles, high-lights, low-lights, and gorgeous color transitions. From 700 y Giant Gradients to 200 y matching sock sets, Infinite Twist Gradients will hold your interest from cast on to bind off. See the currently available gradients at, or be the first to know when new colors are posted by signing up for our newsletter at Have you ever had to frog because you forgot a step several rows back? Or lost your spot because you dropped your magnet board or lost track with your highlighter tape? Instead of wrestling with paper, use the knitCompanion app. It keeps you on track so you can knit more and frog less. knitCompanion works with ALL your patterns and is available Are you ready for a real get-away weekend again? KnitWit Yarn Shop is hosting a knitting retreat right on the ocean in Maine next June. And because we are unsure of the COVID situation, they are planning it in a way that will keep us all safe. Bristol Ivy, Alicia Plummer, and Jackie Ottino will be there to teach knitting, spinning, and dyeing classes. When you’re not in class you’ll have the opportunity to go kayaking, hike on the trails, or hang out in the gardens with the sheep and goats. You may choose to relax, visit the marketplace, or just knit in the beautiful outdoor setting. Click on Events at to see all the details. And follow them on Instagram @KnitWitYarnShop or Facebook @MaineKnitWit. LoLo Body Care, formally Bar-Maids, creates exceptional moisturizers hand-poured by staff who add a good dose of heartfelt love to each one. Most all their supplies are made in the US, and their beeswax sourced from a local farm. Besides quality, the value of their product lies in that they last a very long time and are loved to the very last bit. They built their brand on being eco-friendly and their new packaging rocks. Their customers and customer service are rare and treasured jewels. On the Needles:(2:40) Gigi's (RAVELRY LINK) Rocky Coast cardigan, is in time out. Jasmin is nearly finished with the first sleeve of her Payne pullover by Helena Bristow. She's knitting it in Seismic Yarn’s “Llamas in Pajamas” colorway. Gigi is working on the (RAVELRY LINK) Flickering shawl. She picked up stitches for the border Jasmin cast on the (RAVELRY LINK) September Morn pullover by Thea Colman in Neighborhood Fiber Co’s Studio Worsted in “Fair Fight.” Jasmin will put together a Reading list. (link to be added once she makes the list) Gigi mentions Stitch Please Gigi knit to the heel of the (RAVELRY LINK) Churfirsten socks (from the Operation Sock Drawer book available at Hicklebee's) in Standing Ovulation from Oink Pigments Gigi is enjoying the (RAVELRY LINK) Excavation, a diagonal fringed scrap blanket Jasmin is 2 ½” inches of sleeve away from finishing Ainur Berkimbayeva’s test knit in Lisa Souza Pyrenees Sport in "Aubergine". Gigi pinned and basted zipper into Katje Jasmin is going to cast on (RAVELRY LINK) a sockhead cowl for Genevieve. Gigi cast on a Sockhead cowl in teal, from Little Red Bicycle Gigi finished knitting the socks for Andrew. She sewed up another tentacle on Opus the Octopus. Jasmin is working on the Gramps cardigan for Sam Gigi: cast on a pair of Xmas socks for herself, Socks on a plane, in Peppermint Stick from Oink In Stitches:(18:51) Jasmin wore her (RAVELRY LINK)Tied knots hat, (RAVELRY LINK) Cassidy cardigan, and her (RAVELRY LINK) Calligraphy Cardigan Andrew has been wearing his handspun (RAVELRY LINK) Baseball Pullover, and cashmere (RAVELRY LINK) Andrew’s watch cap. Genevieve has been wearing her (RAVELRY LINK) Coronation cardigan, and her greys/pinks (RAVELRY LINK) playful stripes cardigan Gigi wore the (RAVELRY LINK) knitmore cowl and socks every day, and Cat Bordhi’s wristers Gigi gifted some socks and shawls to her college roomie Events:(23:44) The Operation Sock Drawer book was published in October. Call Hicklebees for a PERSONALIZED, SIGNED copy. #Grinchalong2020 is over. Packing prizes next week. Stitches at home February 5-7, 2021 Stitches West 2021 has been canceled Stitches West 2022 will be in Sacramento, March 3-6, 2022 Mother Knows Best:(26:06) Dr Gemma talks about managing anxiety on CogKnitive When Knitting Attacks: (52:43) Churfirsten socks. Gigi started knitting, following instructions for the wrong size She was fighting with the edging on the Flickering shawl. Rocky Coast cardigan sleeve is too tight. She ripped out the Socks on a Plane and started it leg down The Marina cardigan has a hole. Jasmin ran out of yarn. Straw into Gold:(56:02) Jasmin is 2 oz away from finishing spinning the CVM fleece. She is spinning it in an attenuated woolen CVM on her Majacraft Little Gem. Planning to spin for the Monarch sweater. Jasmin talks about the Monarch sweater. Knits in Space:(58:23) Via Kristy Glass Knits Kelly Wearstler's MasterClass and a take away was “let your collections be part of your decor.” So see your house as a living biopic, with lighting in the role of director (“Think about it as a way to guide the eye around a room,” she says), the palette playing the supporting cast of characters (“You need to keep in mind the way colors communicate with each other. There should be a natural dialogue”), and your passions and collections, of course, as the star. And Sew On: (1:05:13) Star Trek Discovery: President of Nivar gown
1 hr 10 min
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