126. you spilled your hot come on my hot girlfriend: horizontal with the king of cuckolding [1 of 2]
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Hello my horizontal lovers, my intimacy investigators, my horizontalists!

horizontal is the podcast about intimacy of all kinds, recorded while lying down (and usually, while wearing robes). 

With few exceptions, our conversations are languorous, meandering, and long-form, as though post-coital, or stargazing, or staring out onto the open road in the wee hours of a very long road trip. It’s a private conversation made public. It’s consensual eavesdropping.

Typically on horizontal, each conversation is between 3 and 5 hours long, and divided into two to four parts. The former half is available to all horizontalists, and the latter, is available exclusively to patrons of the horizontal arts. 

This is Season 4, my Season of Experiments. During this season, I’m investigating form and format, length and structure, context and content. Playing aurally. Trying things I haven’t tried yet. Thus far, Season 4 has seen a mash-up with Devin Person’s “this podcast is a ritual” show, episodes with more-or-less intrusive narration (you decide), and a session with a matchmaker in which I get interviewed, as the client.

you spilled your hot come on my hot girlfriend, this episode, is from my very first recording spotlighting a single sexy topic!

In episodes 126 & 127, I lie down with Dallas King, L.A. native, global hedonist, director, filmmaker, hot professor, model, and profoundly experienced bull. He is writing the book on cuckolding. Literally. That’s what he’s in Bali to do.

It’s called GASM.

For images featuring such highlights as Dallas’s rippling abs, brooding fashion sense, and graphic tattoos, witness his Instagram @dallasking1 

In this first half of our recording, we talk about:

  • craigslist personals
  • what cuckolding means
  • “the lifestyle” versus sex-positive culture
  • working as a massage therapist in L.A. & becoming a bull
  • his first time pleasing another man’s wife & being watched while doing it
  • grappling with professional, mental, and religious inhibitions
  • homophobia & sexual performance
  • how being a bull can affect your romantic relationships
  • humiliation & emasculation
  • agreeing on where to come
  • navigating couple dynamics
  • dealing with your own expectations
  • cuckqueens, and …
  • my desire to be a female bull.

For access to the spicy second half of this conversation, as well as 50 other exclusive episodes, navigate yourself directly to Patreon.com/horizontalwithlila. Make sure you click the link or type that in exactly, because, as a creator who is considered “adult,” my profile isn’t searchable on Patreon. (!)

Other than that, Patreon is great. It’s like the love child of crowdfunding and a subscription service. You can become a patron for $7/month on up, and the rewards get more and more sumptuous. For instance, at the $100 level, you get a 30-minute one-on-one Intimacy Guidance session with me every month...

This episode was mixed and mastered by Irving Gadhoury of IGrecording.com. My cover art was illustrated by Shana Shay, from 99designs. This intro music is a remix by acapella beatbox musician kidmental, whose motto is “theme songs for everyone.” Support a Black creator, and get a catchy jingle of your very own by hiring him on Fiverr or becoming his patron on Patreon.

Upcoming in Season 4, I have a recording from my guest spot on Dominick Q & Bryan Stacey’s “The Great Man Within” podcast, a couple of episodes with the journalist Sue Jaye Johnson, in which she interviewed me for her project “The Pleasure Report,” a 5-part mini-series with Jet-Setting Jasmine, who you must know — a badass Black therapist & porn star, and her incredible Dom husband, and a daughter that gives me hope for the future of humanity, as well as shows with segments, a la NPR, among other explorations.

Until next time: May you have someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to.

I’m looking forward to scripting and rehearsing my first TED-style talk, and the event I curated around it to celebrate the 4-year podcast-aversary on May 21st, 2021! It’s gonna be called “Hot Love Talks.”

Thank you for listening. Thank you for getting horizontal.

Now, come lie down with us, in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia.

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