129. Introducing “Positively Sex!” Sex Ed, with Pleasure
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Hello horizontal lover.

This is horizontal with lila, the podcast about intimacy of all kinds, recorded while lying down. Usually, the first part of our conversation is available wherever you listen to podcasts, and the last part is available exclusively to my patrons on Patreon.com/horizontalwithlila.

Navigate yourself on over to Patreon for 50+ exclusive horizontal episodes!

Season 4, however, is my Season of Experiments. The experiment of this episode... introduces you to my brand-new live show, Positively Sex! Sex Ed, with Pleasure.

Clubhouse pioneered a new form of media: interactive social audio. It’s like a podcast you can participate in... 

I joined the app in late February and promptly became deeply infatuated. Really. Full-on limerence. NRE: New Relationship Energy.

I hardly slept! I barely ate! I talked about it to anyone who would listen! I fell asleep at wee morning hours in Clubhouse rooms, the phone half under the pillow next to me. It was, if you will, horizontal with clubhouse.

It began by ‘raising my hand.’

Then Alec Murphy began making me a co-moderator, and passing me the mic to offer intimacy advice & sexual education. 

I started saying, “Just a sex ed moment here!”

As I moved from infatuation to bonding, I met other beloved favourites, like De’Andre Sinette & Shane Cottle & my Clubhouse wife Annie Block & my Clubhouse mistress Dani & Brittany Michalchuk & Angus McColluch & & & & … I became a regular in Angus’s club MATE. I found communities of people who shouted my name with joy when I entered a virtual room.

These relationships feel tender and warm and deep, playful and tasty and delightful. And real. I haven’t met these people in person (yet). But I know their voices. And I can feel them. They are a real part of my real life.

Clubhouse is the app of the zeitgeist. 

We are the most connected, and the loneliest we have ever been. Facebook Image Crafting & comparing and despairing on Instagram has most of us feeling so much less intimate. There is something unbelievably wholesome and grounding and genuine about dialing our digital connection to its very first form: a phone call — with the addition of a few bells & whistles.

It’s free. It’s global. It’s live. And it’s just, voice.

I think that’s marvelous.


I starting co-hosting rooms, like:

“Ask Men Anything” with Alec.

“The Sex-Positive Room” with De’Andre.


And then I opened rooms of my own:

Ladies of the Sex House (with my former housemates from the Villa)

I Just Found My Poetry Stash (which I actually did, from 10 years ago, when I was doing a page a day writing practice, and there is some glorious stuff in there!)


Then I formed my own club: The Sex-Positive Club, and began gathering about me wise, compassionate co-mod to carve out a space for sex-positivity.

My second week on the app, I happened upon the last few minutes of Abraxas Higgins’s “Apply to the Creator First Program” room. He was doing his very last reset — giving the information about the room for the last time before closing it. I snagged that link & stayed up 'til 4am working on the application, very horizontal, laptop resting on my thighs. At 4am, I fell asleep under my computer. At 7am, I woke and kept working. That was the due date. I submitted around 1pm.

I was chosen as a finalist.

There were 5,000 entries. 53 finalists each made a pilot episode (this episode), and 25 shows were chosen as the inaugural Creator First Class of 2021… and mine, mine was one of them.


This is basically the first time I’ve won something in 20 years.

Positively Sex! Sex Ed, with Pleasure airs a new live episode every Sunday night through September at 9pm EST / 6pm Pacific. 

Catch it live, or become a patron of the horizontal arts on Patreon.com/horizontalwithlila (that’s P-a-t-r-E-o-n.com / horizontalwithlila) for exclusive patron access to the entire 12-episode season. 


Like "Best Sext”



Like a deck of “Let’s Talk About Sex” cards from Games for Humanity’s Erin Hickok aka The Connectress. (By the way, all of her fabulous question card games are 10% off with the discount code: HORIZONTALITY, in all caps.)



Sexted lately? Got a Clubhouse crush?



Such as the pilot theme, the theme of this episode: Sex @ a Distance, which included:

* noods

* sexting

* aural sex (phone sex, er0tic hypnosis, described video p0rn)

* video sex & sex on video

* virtual play parties



This pilot episode features special guest Cindy Gallop, one of the most brilliant extemporaneous speakers I've ever heard. The Michael Bay of business (because she blows shit up!) creator and CEO of Make Love Not Porn introduced us to the concept of social sex.

We were joined by a few of my former housemates from Hacienda Villa, the sex-positive intentional community I used to live in, as a founding member:

Mirelle, polyamorous woman, purveyor of sensuality, & horizontal’s very first guest, of episode number 1. feed your delight, which is my most downloaded episode of all time, treated us to her unerring taste for pleasure & a voice that positively drips with sex.

Tiger, former Villan & former lady, him of many trades, Trans & gynecological educator and horizontal guest of episodes 16. kiss me I’m jew-witch, and 17. professional cuddling, gave us a taste of erotic hypnosis that left us with our mouths agape.

Theia made us all aware that described video porn is a thing, Shane brought his soulful sensuality, Fiona tallied our very important polls, & my Creative Producer & Social Media Maven Natalia Sketch helped me sjuzz the episode, then sat behind me in the tiniest focus room at the co-working space, calling the show & managing the backchannel.

The episode begins with my working definition of sex & concludes with showering at a virtual play party.

Join my club on Clubhouse so you don’t miss an episode.

I have always been a Creator First, and now, finally, again, I am being recognized as such.

And DAMN it feels good.

P.S. Which is, of course, a double entendre, meaning both Post Script and Positively Sex! … Welcome to social audio.

Come get positively sex with us, all across the globe, through the magic of the interwebz.

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