108 - Eva Holland | Overcome not Overpower (Fears)
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Eva Holland is an adventure enthusiast, athlete and freelance writer. She is the author of Nerve: Adventures in the Science of Fear. Eva spent a large portion of her life living in fear. It was the fear of losing her mother that transcended many parts of her life and created a constricting grip over her ability to experience life fully. One day in her early thirties Eva’s biggest fear came true. In response was an incredible journey that began as hiding inside and ordering in food day after day, then the socially popularized idea of facing your fears head on, and finally, learning about fear, how it works, the purpose it serves and our ability to change it.

Eva Holland faced her fears and that did not work so she took a different point of attack and that incredibly authentic, educating and empowering journey is packaged up into her book which we scrape the surface of in this episode.

How love is often the cause of fear, sky-diving, exposure therapy, EMDR eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing and its ability to turn down the fear response, a newly studied individual pill that can turn down the fear response. We touch on what life is like for someone without a fear response, and much more.

As always when we have an author on the podcast, The link to Eva’s book, Nerve is in the description of this episode.

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