Ep. 19 All About CBD and RESET Bioscience With Matt Reid
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You’ve heard about CBD. But what is it, and why has it taken the world by storm? I’ve been experimenting with weaving CBD into my morning ritual as a holistic approach to managing anxiety and am amazed by the results so far – especially since using RESET Bioscience CBD.


Join me in this fascinating episode as I dive into all things CBD with RESET Bioscience founder Matt Ried, and share my own personal experience adding it to my daily wellness ritual. In this conversation, he guides us through the science behind CBD, the difference between RESET and other CBD brands on the market, what to look out for when deciding between brands and products, the research around mental health and so much more.


Matt has had such an interesting and inspiring journey. Not only is he a founder of RESET Bioscience, but he is also a passionate environmental entrepreneur sitting on the board of directors for two charities, and currently launching a third. He was part of the team behind award-winning documentary film A Plastic Ocean and is about to release a new documentary film called The Last Glaciers driving awareness about climate change.  


You won’t want to miss out on:

  • How Matt’s quest for creating a healthy, balanced life inspired him to look deeper into CBD oil and creating RESET Bioscience
  • Why CBD is a gift from nature and a “tonic to the world we live in today”
  • The remarkable way RESET CBD marries plant medicine and science by making the benefits of CBD more accessible to the body
  • Is CBD a drug? Matt debunks all the myths and explains the difference between CBD, hemp, cannabis and cannabinoids.
  • Where does CBD come from, and what does it do? 
  • What to look out for when you’re buying CBD 
  • My own personal journey into discovering CBD and how I incorporate it into my wellness ritual
  • What sets RESET Bioscience CBD apart from other products on the market
  • Why it’s so crucial to analyse the source of the CBD you buy
  • How CBD can help with inflammation and pain management, including menstrual cramps
  • How CBD can help with stress and anxiety  
  • How is it possible to take it in the morning with coffee, and also in the evening before bed?
  • Matt shares how he uses CBD in his own life
  • A behind-the-scenes peek at some new CBD innovations Matt and his team are working on


And SO much more!


I hope you love listening to this eye-opening conversation with Matt as much as I enjoyed having it.


ALSO… don’t miss out on Matt’s award-winning environmental documentary film, A Plastic Ocean, and check out the teaser to his latest project, The Last Glaciers, highlighting what might be humanity’s biggest challenge yet.

Have you always been curious about CBD? Is it part of your daily ritual? I’d love to hear what your ritual looks like!


To learn more about CBD, including all the juicy science behind it, make sure to explore www.resetbioscience.com.


Matt's Book Recommendations: 


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