Ep. 7 How a Shift in Perspective Can Change Your Entire Experience Of Life
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This episode was recorded during the peak of the pandemic, and it continues to be relevant if not more with today’s world events unfolding. This conscious conversation is all about taking ownership of your life and your thoughts, the power we all have to shift our perspective, the importance of that especially around challenges in life, and how it can completely change the way we experience life - take out your notepads because you're going to want to make some notes!

Our conversation reminds me of exactly why I wanted to start this podcast, just two girlfriends sharing a deep conversation about their life journey so far, and walking away from feeling uplifted and inspired. The funny thing is before this episode, Janith and I never met in person but of course, we connected soon after and had a 3 hours long soulful chat which thinking back, I wish we recorded for another episode :)

Janith is a life coach and yoga teacher. Her vision is to empower others to uncover their light and live their most joyful, fulfilled, authentic, and purposeful lives. After graduating magna cum laude from Cornell University, Janith went on to excel in a career of business and fashion in New York and Hong Kong. Yet, despite a stimulating and rewarding career, Janith still felt a sense of unfulfillment. Once Janith finally uncovered her life purpose statement, “I am here to be my brightest self and to help others stand in their light,” that was the catalyst for her to begin her journey as a life coach in order to fully live into her purpose.

You don’t want to miss out on:

  • How Janith quit her full-time job to become a yoga instructor and life coach

  • She shares her life purpose statement which is SO BEAUTIFUL.

  • What fears came up for her when she decided to quit her job

  • Her journey searching for her sense of fulfilment

  • A huge turning point while she was working at Lululemon

  • How Lululemon became the impactful shift that she needed to feel aligned with the path she is on

  • How her life purpose statement came to her in a meditation

  • the moment she felt like she was finally stepping into her power

  • The stages she went through mentally when COVID 19 first hit and when she realised she needed to shift her perspective.

  • The stories in her head that were keeping her in a fearful state of mind and she goes through exactly how she shifts her perspective on each of them

  • What stages she practises kept her sane through this pandemic

  • How she keeps mindful of her ‘news' consumptions

  • I share what I have observed in a lot of people around me and how they have allowed this pandemic to consume their thoughts and how it has affected them

  • A recent practise she learnt from Yale’s Science of Wellbeing course on ‘savouring’ which amplifies her gratitude practice - this is one of the biggest takeaways for me!

  • THREE of the most powerful lessons she has learnt so far…MUST LISTEN!

  • “done is better than perfect” a mantra I have learnt from this conversation that I remind myself almost on a daily

Janith’s Book recommendation: Eckhart Tolle’s The power of now. You can find here.

Follow Janith on Instagram: @janithchang

Follow her life holistic life coaching platform - CAHAYA on Instagram @seekcahaya

Learn more about her life coaching offers and upcoming workshops here.

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