Sales Wounds 3 and 4: The Selling Wound™ and the Anti-Selling Wound™
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In this episode, we’re talking about two wounds that are closely related to each other because they exist on a continuum. They are Sales Wound #3 the Selling Wound™, and Sales Wound #4 the Anti-Selling Wound™. 

The Selling Wound™ is about the urge to force yourself on your customers, whereas the Anti-Selling Wound™ is about the utter refusal to do anything of the kind. 

The cause of both wounds is the culture of forceful salesmanship that exists here in the United States. Everything about our consumer culture teaches us that the way to sell stuff effectively is to relentlessly badger and hound and even assault your prospective customers into buying. 

If you respond to this approach by embracing it and trying your best to implement it, then you suffer from the Selling Wound™. If on the other hand you respond to this approach by resisting it and refusing to have anything to do with it, then you suffer from the Anti-Selling Wound™. 

A third option, since these two Wounds do exist on a continuum, is that you have found yourself in the middle, which is where we find the Master Path for both of these Wounds. 

When you’re on the Master Path of either of these two Wounds you recognize the essential and irrefutable value of both yourself, or what you’re selling, and your customer. You honor your own right to earn a living - and a very good living, if that’s what you want - by selling products and services that serve the highest and best good of both your customer and yourself. 

Being on the Master Path of ethical salesmanship allows you to be extremely successful and earn a lot of money selling your wares if that’s what you choose - because you know for sure that you’re not the only one winning each time you make a sale. You feel a bone-deep certainty that all the people who are buying from you are receiving tremendous benefit as well. 

So that’s the Master Path, that’s the goal, of both of these Wounds. Now let’s take a look at what the Student Path looks like, at either end of the continuum.


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