Sales Wound #6: The Visibility Wound™
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The core self-limiting belief of The Visibility Wound™ is “If I succeed, people will SEE me, perhaps for the first time. And I’m obviously not ready for that.”

The fear that drives this wound is a deep, generalized anxiety of not being good enough - and all the horrible, ego-destroying consequences that you’re afraid would result if you put yourself out there anyway. 

If you’re suffering from a Visibility Wound™, you know it; it doesn’t afflict everyone. 

What are some of the ways we hide: 

  • Work as an assistant, behind a computer, instead of the front woman 
  • Suffer from depression, cut ourselves off from people who love us 
  • Gain weight or let ourselves go physically in other ways 
  • Stay in the house, rather than go out; stay in town, rather than traveling to events and conferences 
  • Create and create and create - and yet never publish or produce or release what we’ve created 
  • Become a cheerleader for someone else, or join a group and tel yourself that the whole group can become prominent, as one cohesive unit 

The Master Path of this wound is quite simple: “If I succeed, people will SEE me, perhaps for the first time. And I obviously AM ready for that.” 


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