Sales Wound #5: The Prostitution Wound™
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This wound is by far the darkest; and because of that I feel I need to offer a trigger warning right now. If you’re somebody who feels deeply resentful about the things that you’ve been forced to do - or that others have been - because of systems that are broken, unequal, prejudiced, toxic, etc - then please listen to this episode with some caution. 

The core self-limiting belief of the Prostitution Wound™ is, “I love what I do for a living, and I know that my products and services provide real benefits to people. But my industry is so fundamentally flawed, the only way for me to get hired or get paid or be successful is to sell myself out in gross, demeaning, despicable ways.” 

This wound is unique in that it isn’t driven by fear. If you’re suffering from The Prostitution Wound™, any fears you might have felt about not succeeding or not being good enough - and which would have manifested as a Money Wound™ or an Anti-Selling Wound™ - have morphed into a bitter, determined resentment. You’ve adopted a clear-eyed practicality about what you think you want to accomplish, and what you think you have to do in order to get there. 

The primary symptom of the Prostitution Wound™ is that the sales activities you’re engaging in leave you feeling like you need to go take a shower. 

The main difference between that and the Anti-Selling Wound™ - in which you also feel a strong distaste towards selling stuff - is that with the Anti-Selling Wound™, you avoid doing the things that feel disgusting to you. Whereas with the Prostitution Wound™, regardless of how gross they make you feel, you’re doing them. 

Similarly, there is an important distinction between the Prostitution Wound™ and the Selling Wound™, which is that with the Selling Wound™ you feel as though you have a choice. You’re acting with some degree of personal power. Whereas with the Prostitution Wound™, you feel trapped in some kind of way. Either you don’t have any choice at all, or the only choices available to you are all extremely distasteful. 

The best way to illustrate the symptoms of this Wound is with a couple of examples.....


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