Rachel Varga Wants You and Your Skin to be Radiant
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We are joined today by Rachel Varga who has come to discuss healthy skincare and the effects of EMF and non-ionizing radiation. She tells us about the ways that EMF can change the interactions between blood cells, causing what is known as rouleaux which impacts the way your blood flows, causing clotting symptoms like CO2 build-up, dry eyes, inflammation, etc. We talk about sunscreen and how it relates to skincare, using internal supplements to aid your sunscreen and UV absorption, and what ingredients to avoid in sunscreen. Rachel shares her wisdom on becoming a wiser, more discerning consumer in all areas, including healthcare, as well as advice on seeking out practitioners of both western and traditional medicine, and those that are always learning, getting out of the box of their initial education and experience. 


We explore ways of purifying your air, water, lighting, and electromagnetics, and doing regular cleansing to allow your purist self to shine, and talk about allowing yourself to disconnect from the constant notifications and influence of our modern lifestyle and social media, and reconnecting with the right headspace. We discuss some preventative measures you can take to limit your EMF exposure, such as limiting our autonomic nervous system dysregulating stressors or using protective clothing and bedding, and some measures you can take at times when you have to be in front of your devices, such as using air purifiers, balancing your lighting, using blue-light blocking glasses, using a protective case for your cellphone, standing when you can, and occasionally shifting your focus to something outside of your technology. Lastly, Rachel shares with us her approach to a basic skincare routine which includes cleansing morning and night, with a double cleanse at night, using products free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and artificial dyes and fragrances, moisturizing your skin with a toxin-free moisturizer, using sunscreen every day, gently exfoliating 2-5 times a week with a non-abrasive exfoliating product to remove oxidative stressors from your skin, and using at-home masks or peels to help moisturize and exfoliate



In this episode you will hear: 

  • Blending energy, mindset, beauty, and wellbeing
  • Impacts of EMF on your skin
  • EMF as the smoking of our generation
  • Toxic bucket theory
  • EMF mitigation strategies
  • Five key basics to healthy skin



Rachel Varga is a Double Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist since 2011 with over 20,000 procedures performed. She is also an international clinical trainer for other Physicians and Nurses, a celebrity skin expert featured by Dave Asprey, JJ Virgin, Wade Lightheart, Naveen Jain, America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tony Youn, and more! Rachel is also a speaker and a 5 time academically published award-winning author in the field of regenerative and aesthetic nursing as well as an executive board member and peer reviewer for USA-based Plastic and Aesthetic Nursing Journal, a regular contributor to the UK-based Journal of Aesthetic Nursing, and monthly contributor to the Best Holistic Life Magazine. Through education on non-toxic at-home skin care, hair care, dermarolling, peptides, in-clinic skin, and laser rejuvenation options, alongside biohacking and slowing cellular aging practices, Rachel helps inspire others with her unique toolkit to navigate and strategize aging impossibly well – using her Holistic SCIENCE of BEAUTY method on The Rachel Varga Podcast and at RachelVarga.ca where One on One sessions for at-home and in-clinic skin rejuvenation guidance and planning are available.


Connect with Rachel Varga:

Website: rachelvarga.ca

Email: info@rachelvarga.ca

Facebook: facebook.com/RachelVargaOfficial

Youtube: Rachel Varga on Youtube


Download Rachel Varga's 9 Keys to Healthy Skin and Slowing Aging at https://rachelvarga.ca/slowaging



Use promo code SYB15 for 15% off of your One on One consultation with Rachel Varga 


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