Warrior Story 01 with Steven Danza - We Talk Healing Psoriasis Diet, Celery Juicing, Lemon Water, Yoga, Medical Medium and How to Heal at Home
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This is my first Warrior Story interview! I plan to do a series of these live video podcast interviews each week. You can join my podcast email list and request to be my next guest at my website https://www.healingwarriorradio.com

My podcast and work are Warrior-Funded. You can make a donation at https://phwarrior.com/donate - I thank you from my Whole Warrior Heart.

I strive to share REAL stories from REAL warriors that I have trained over the years into Champions for their Bodies! I have been coaching and supporting others around the globe for almost TEN years. So, I have a lot of true stories to share with you.

We can heal psoriasis and other autoimmune diseases, acne, eczema, IBS, IBD, colitis and the other mystery inflammatory conditions that threaten our vitality and life experience.

We can take control and take the power to heal. When you feel the body's true power come online, you are simply a witness.

Come now and be a witness.

I keep a full list of books I read, including the Medical Medium series along with supplements, herbals, topicals on my medicine page at https://phwarrior.com/medicine

Get my free advanced natural healing guide for psoriasis, acne, eczema, rosacea, dermatitis and many more diseases at https://naturalhealingwarriors.com

Topic Timestamps:

1:40 Introduction 3:20 Honoring the Work and Building Therapeutic Habits 8:30 Rock Bottom and the Way Up Transcends All Diseases 11:30 Love the Process of the Circular Healing Mystery 13:35 Healing Progress Through Iterations 14:00 Steven Joins the Conversation Warrior Story 1 19:12 How long have you battled psoriasis? The old mentality vs the Warrior Life 21:00 Family, Doctors and Drugs - Methotrexate, Humira and the side effects 24:40 PHWarrior.com Protocol - My free healing guide 25:00 What does your daily healing practice look like? 31:50 Lemon Water, Teeth Health, Citrus, Allergy Tests 33:40 PHW Smoothie Ingredients; wild blueberries, 1 banana, 1 orange, handful cilantro, 1 tblspn atlantic dulse, 1 teaspoon spirulina, 1 teaspoon barley grass juice powder 35:40 Medical Medium Foods - the reason behind them 37:10 Nightshades - what are the true nightshades? 39:40 The body strengthens at the beginning and release decades of old toxins that purge 41:00 What's for breakfast? Fruit Grazing! An apple here, some melon chunks there, some grapes here, a banana there. Mono-eating which means eat 1 fruit at a time by itself 42:00 What's for lunch and dinner? Wild salmon salad, sweet potatoes, steamed brussell sprouts and asparagus with lemon juice. 44:00 Why we eat the foods we eat - Macro vs Micro nutrients - Avoiding carbs means avoiding healing nutrients. Don't reject fruit because of "no sugar" 49:19 Our puppies say hello. Owning a pet is healing therapy. A lesson of unconditional love and non-judgement. This heals us. 51:40 The phases of healing, why psoriasis clears then comes back 52:25 Root canal and teeth issues cause psoriasis due to chronic infection in the gums. 55:00 Personal healing starts with my survey. You can complete it here - https://phwarrior.com/survey 56:00 The circular, chaotic phases of healing psoriasis 58:45 Patience is a skill to develop. It is a virtue, we need to work at it. 1:04:45 Packing a cooler for road trips and vacations. Healing while traveling 1:07:50 Courage in my Conversation - Changing the conversation about psoriasis to an empowering one with laypeople. Working away from self-judgement and assumption of others 1:09:35 We do this out of love for our bodies. Be good to yourself 1:12:45 Be good to others online. Treat each other with space and love. We are similar and connected. Feel the oneness and express gratitude. 1:14:20 Helping others through leading by example. Give them small nudges and let them grow. This is preventative medicine. All we do transcends healing psoriasis. We avoid terrible diseases later in life. 1:16:24 The mind changes from "how long do I?" to "I love the process of my life journey" - Removing the guilt from our known past and the anxiety of our unknown future 1:19:00 Join the conversation! Let me know if you want to share your Warrior Story on my podcast 1:21:00 Bring a healing practice into your life with practical transition. Don't let perfection stop you from starting. Trip and Dabble 1:24:30 Concerns with weight loss on a healing diet, it's part of the healing process, don't worry. We are genetically built to be thin, lean, light, agile and flexible. 1:26:30 Pee-pee talk, the color of urine does show the filtration ability of the kidneys. 1:29:15 We are all in this together. You are NOT alone Warrior. You are part of our healing tribe. Lets be good to each other.

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