Ep. #264: Growth Temper Tantrums Can Happen When Manifesting
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Have you ever had a growth temper tantrum? 

My definition of a growth temper tantrum is when you just grew or about to take a big step in your growth journey, so you throw a temper tantrum, much like a toddler. 

Maybe you don't throw yourself on the ground and kick and scream, but you do the adult version. 

You dig your heels in, maybe cross your arms, and basically say, "I'm not doing that!" "That" refers to the next step, whatever that is. 

Sometimes the tantrum comes when you're working with a coach, and you suggest something they know is a distraction, so they advise against it. You don't like that answer, so you throw a growth tantrum. 

Join your host Cassie Parks as Jeanne Andrus again joins her, and they discuss Jeanne's growth temper tantrum and how it was brought on by fear.

They dive deep into how, this time, Jeanne could throw her tantrum and then keep moving and how she didn't need help or support to get through it.

00:41: Cassie asks Jeanne how her Future Self has been showing up.

00:44: Jeanne talks about her Future Self showing up to go on a trip to Florida to meet a sister she hasn't met in person and loves living the life that allows her to travel and do what she wants when she wants.

01:26: Cassie talks about how that answer covers what is awesome as well.

01:33: Cassie talks about how the last interview was a live coaching session. 

02:00: Cassie asks Jeanne what has happened in the month since that last interview/coaching session.

02:12: Jeanne talks about how she felt unsure going into that coaching session and that by the end of it, she was clear that she is on the right path and that she is here to help women go through their Menopause Journey.

03:33: Jeanne talks about how important working with Cassie is because she helps her both with the business and her belief in herself.

04:00: Jeanne talks about September being Menopause awareness month and how it is so important to get the word out there and help people find the information they need.

04:55: Jeanne talks about how she did some things locally to get her name out, how she has a whole month planed to get her information out, and how she wants to reach people.

05:34: Cassie highlights that Jeanne will have to continue to find that clarity and how you have to choose to move forward and continue to step into your Future Self.

06:10: Jeanne talks about how she and Cassie talked about how she grows and then she gets scared without realizing it, and how she did one of Cassie's workshops and then scared herself.

07:03: Cassie gives the timeline of Jeanne's interview and how Cassie was ready to do an interview, and that it was awesome that Jeanne came to do the work.

07:52: Jeanne talks about how she knew everything was working and needed to trust and do the work instead of avoiding fear.

08:18: Jeanne talks about having an idea and bringing it to a call, and Cassie telling her just to do what they had been talking about doing and stop avoiding the fear.

08:48: Jeanne talks about being pissed that Cassie would say that but realized that Cassie is right and she just needed to move forward.

09:13: Jeanne talks about preparing for her and Cassie's meeting on Thursday just to move forward.

09:25: Cassie talks about how awesome it is that Jeanne can solve her own temper tantrums. 

09:46: Jeanne talks about getting mad that her business isn't further along and then realizing that she is learning the skills she needs to build the business she wants.

09:46: Jeanne talks about getting mad that everything isn't perfect and realizing that she is learning the skills she needs to grow her business. 

10:28: Cassie talks about having tantrums herself and that it is awesome that Jeanne felt through that. 

11:18: Jeanne talks about moving through it, focusing on their Thursday meeting, and it was different than in the past.

12:06: Cassie talks about this being 1 of Cassie's favorite coaching moments because of how much Jeanne grew so quickly. 

12:32: Jeanne talks about being so productive and being ready to move forward.

13:05: Cassie asks Jeanne how it feels to be that person. 

13:11: Jeanne talks about feeling better, and knowing there was so much to do yet wasn't feeling confident about it. 

13:43: Jeanne talks about writing from where we become and how we don't hear it before we become.

14:00: Jeanne talks about learning to speak to her clients and how she has gotten better at it as she gets clearer about what she is doing.

15:24: Cassie talks about how things start to change when you work toward long-term growth and that that is what Jeanne is actually doing with her clients.

16:43: Cassie talks about it being different to work with clients long term and the space that it takes.

17:00: Cassie talks about people who can write quick copy versus connecting to the people who are going on the journey with you.

17:38: Jeanne talks about people who write good copy, reach 1,000 people, and hold 5 of them. 

18:06: Jeanne talks about wanting to help people long term because women can lose half their lives due to Menopause. 

18:53: Jeanne talks about the number of people she reaches and the importance of what she does. 

19:16: Cassie and Jeanne talk about how Menopause can affect everything. 

19:58: Jeanne talks about when she first wrote about her story and how it felt like a country song.

20:38: Jeanne talks about getting women to the place to rebuild their lives and helping them do that. 

20:51: Cassie talks about Jeanne's goal of helping women keep their lives and make them even better.

21:25: Cassie talks about Jeanne helping women to build the second part of their lives.

21:30: Cassie talks about helping people find their clients and that the big problem they have is wanting to work with people long term and wanting to start at the end of their journey.

22:16: Jeanne talks about working as a coach and being around other coaches and how everyone wants to start at the end. 

22:40: Jeanne talks about being in a group to create challenges and how that isn't what her clients want. 

22:55: Cassie talks about Jeanne's clients not wanting to be challenged because their life is already full of challenges.

23:09: Jeanne talks about seeing coaches use 5-day challenges and how coaches sell challenges that aren't what their clients need.

24:15: Cassie loves hearing what Jeanne is saying because Jeanne didn't always believe it. 

24:45: Jeanne talks about how she can help women because she sees the journey they are on. 

25:06: Cassie talks about the journey, how Jeanne gets what she wants, and how the end of the journey is adventure and bravery. 

25:45: Jeanne talks about reading posts from other entrepreneurs who started their businesses because they wanted to stay home with the kids, and then not loving their business in their 40's because of the changes Menopause brings on.

26:21: Jeanne talks about articles coming out about women going through a mid-life crisis. 

26:50: Jeanne talks about how people don't realize it's their body that wants them to move to the next phase of their life.

27:06: Cassie asks Jeanne what the headline for a Facebook post would be for an entrepreneur in their 40's that no longer loves her business.

27:35: Jeanne talks about that it would be something like have you lost the excitement and enthusiasm for your business.

27:53: Cassie asks Jeanne how they would take her through the process.

28:02: Jeanne talks about starting to be home with kids and questioning things in their 40's because of Menopause. 

28:23: Jeanne talks about writing and working on it with Cassie and how what we want changes as we go through Menopause. 

28:53: Jeanne talks about it being a hormone change and that these changes change women's lives.

30:00: Cassie asks Jeanne what opt-in they would want.

30:12: Jeanne talks about an opt-in around 5 ways to reconnect with the business you love.

30:24: Cassie asks Jeanne why she would sign up for that opt-in.

30:29: Jeanne talks about her wanting to love her business and that she feels she did something wrong, and that is why she doesn't want her business.

30:46: Cassie asks Jeanne what she would tell her in the emails.

30:49: Jeanne talks about it being normal to shift focus, and that it is normal to go to the past and bring things they loved back into their lives.

31:55: Cassie talks about eventually offering a chance to work with Jeanne to create the life they want.

32:02: Jeanne talks about that she may not have a lot of symptoms because she is taking care of herself, but that some aren't and will likely have more symptoms.

33:12: Jeanne talks about going right to an offer of coaching or needing to hybrid something new.

33:33: Cassie talks about loving seeing Jeanne do that on the spot and having the confidence to say it out loud because of who Jeanne has become.

34:20: Cassie talks about seeing new clients as you become and grow and how you can mix and match your content to help more people.

35:33: Jeanne talks about some people needing to tweak diet and exercise and how others don't. 

35:52: Cassie loves that Jeanne outlined that.

36:37: Jeanne wants the link to this podcast because she will be talking to that client in September. 

37:12: Cassie asks Jeanne how it feels to be clear she isn't a business coach.

37:30: Jeanne admits that she will point stuff out when she sees it, but doesn't want to help people build a business and instead wants to help women going through Menopause. 

37:39: Cassie asks Jeanne what the most significant shift she has had in the last 30 days is.

38:09: Jeanne talks about how she did some fantastic scripting after the workshop and realized that she can have and do what she wants.

39:18: Jeanne talks about Cassie working with her on what her most awesome life would be like and realizing that it revolved around her family and not her work.

39:50: Cassie talks about how that is what Jeanne wanted, but she thought she got it through her business.

40:00: Cassie talks about the difference in energy between working for family versus spending time with family and having a business that supports that life.

40:20: Cassie wraps up the interview and asks if Jeanne wants to share anything else.

40:41: Jeanne wants to thank Cassie for what she does.

41:16: Cassie thanks Jeanne for showing up and doing the work.

41:31: Cassie asks Jeanne how people can connect with her.

41:33: Jeanne shares her website http://menopause.coach/

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