HTFR 12: Bailey Richert - Info Product Business Coach - How To Create Your Dream Business - Part 1/2
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Ben:                          Hey everybody, welcome to Hack That Funnel Radio. I’m so happy that you are here. We’re going to be talking today with Bailey Richard, who has built a business for herself that she loves building on everyday and has made her $1 million. We’ll be talking about that.                                     Bailey built her dream business.  Now I’ll let her kind of talk about her backstory, but really she’s built a dream lifestyle business where she can do what she wants, where she wants and how she wants to do it. She’s done it successfully and she’s gone on a path that a lot of us have and some of us think may have been the perfect way to be, you know, to succeed. But she changed in a lot of ways. I’ll let her talk about that but thank you for being on Bailey. I appreciate it. Bailey:                    Thank you so much for having me. It’s a pleasure from the first time I heard about you, it was on the when they did the summit and you were leading the summit, you’re doing all the interviews and on the background I believe you are scheduling everything. I’m making it all work, correct?                                     Yes, that’s true. I actually doing this summit was my idea. I had come to wrestle and said, hey, why don’t we do a ClickFunnel summit? He had already been thinking about doing the 30 days concept but as a book and so essentially I said, hey, if you let me organize and manage this summit project, we can do the book in the summit together. What do you think about that? And he said, let’s do it. Ben:                          Well, and that’s, that’s the best way to go at, at someone who’s as busy as Russell as you come over and like, I’ll just take care of everything and just we’ll add it onto yours and it will be great. Yup. You don’t have to do anything. Right. Bailey:                    Exactly. Ben:                          That is so cool. And then I saw you spoke on stage at funnel hacking live. Yeah. I’m just talking about the summit funnel. Bailey:                    Yup, exactly. This past February, so we did such an amazing job with the 30 day summit, had such incredible results. This was in the fall of 2018 that Russell said, you know, I think that we should talk about the concept of virtual summits at funnel hacking live. What do you think? Would you like to speak on that? And I said, absolutely.  Ben:                         That is so cool. Oh No, I can’t imagine how scary it is on that stage. There were like 3000 people there. Bailey:                    Oh, there was more. I think there was about 4,000  Ben:                         That was so big. And they’re doing it again at the same place… Bailey:                    yeah. You know, it’s funny though because the truth is it’s so dark you can’t see anybody pass the first or second row. And so you know, really if you just, you know, keep just thinking that you’re playing to those individuals. That’s really the key. Plus, you know, admittedly I have a background speaking on stage and doing things like that and yeah, I think to be honest, I was actually a bit more nervous when I was dancing in the back with Russell and dean Graziosi and like all of the other incredible, you know, set, you know, such wonderful entrepreneurs and speakers and I was nervous there. But then once I finally got out on stage and I just really got in my group, it all went away. And it was just like I was chatting with some friends who teaching, you know, one of my web classes.                                     It became more natural because you’ve already practiced how many different times on stage. And essentially I was giving the same presentation tweaked of course for funnel hacking live, but you know, it was about summits and summits are one of the things that I do teach on. So I knew the material inside out. And when you’re that comfortable with the thing that you teach, I mean, you can’t forget it. I mean it’s really, it’s almost impossible when you have your own summit. So just a summary of your own summit. You have your own courses, you have your own, you have your own coaching business. Like how did you get started in this? Because everyone has their own little story. What’s your story? How far back do you want me to start? It’s a good question. Um, so yeah, when did you want to go online?                                     Okay. Okay. So, I feel like I had to just like briefly kind of back up to the fact that, you know, just like you, I, you know, I was in the corporate world for a while as well, so I was always taught that there was this American dream you were supposed to follow. I was Valedictorian of high and high school. I won a scholarship to go study engineering and I went and got my bachelor’s and master’s in engineering and eventually wound up working as an environmental engineering consultant out in California and so it was, I actually spent a couple of years doing that before I decided that I wanted to pursue something else. I was about 25 years old when I started having honestly a quarter life crisis. I was legitimately having panic attacks, anxiety about my future because I just woke up one day essentially and realize that the path that I was on, I could be on for the next 50 years if I didn’t make a change and what does that, the life that I wanted to have and all of this was kind of coming about around this time.                                     You might ask, well, why did it take two or three years for you to feel this way? It was really all because of something called the PE, the professional engineering license. It’s you, you go to school for Engineering, then you get a job and you get all this experience and then you qualify for your PE exams so that you can get licensed as an engineer. Right. And so that’s what was happening with my career at the time because basically after you get your PE, you know, that was the carrot on the stick. That was the thing that I was getting at. Like I want my PE, I want to be a licensed. But once you get that, then it’s not that your career is over of course, but there’s no next challenge and I’m a person that just thrives on having the next challenge, figuring you know out the next problem.                                     And I think in general, that’s why I like engineering because it’s all about solving problems and finding solutions and things. And ironically, so is business but just in a different way. And so after that carried on a stick wasn’t there anymore after I passed the exams and it was like, well what are you going to do for the rest of your life? You could either stay at the company you’re at now. Usually they give you a raise, maybe you on a few more difficult problems. They trust you more and maybe you get to be project manager or something or you can move to a different company and do the exact same thing. But for me that just, it wasn’t enough. And I realized, okay, this isn’t actually what I want to do for the rest of my life. And that’s when I started to pursue online business. Bailey:                    Now. So you asked me when did I go online?
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