HTFR 18: Amanda Dake - Creator of the Funnel Kitchen - How To Use Sales Funnels To Spread Your Message - Part 1/2
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Ben:                          Hey there, everybody! Today we have something very, very special. We have a special interview with Amanda Dake who is not only a hockey mom, she is also a speaker, author and creator of the funnel attrition. So Amanda, thank you for coming on the podcast and really appreciate it. I love being able to talk with you.   Amanda:               Thanks Ben. I’m super excited to be here with you today. Ben:                          So really quick, everybody gets into this funnel game a little bit different. I know I came in back in, I came in officially in 2013 when Click Funnels started in 2014 this is when I came in. What was your story like? How did you get involved? Were you involved in this space before click funnels existed? What’s your story about why you came into this, this world? Amanda:               Well, something that a lot of people may not know about me was I was a high school science teacher for 12 years before I started this official entrepreneur journey. And after 12 years of that you know, I realized my purpose here is to have as much impact on as many people as possible. And while I was impacting, you know, people while I was teaching, it just wasn’t big enough for me. Right. I was only able to reach about 120, 150 kids a year. I knew that I just needed more. And not only that, you know, teachers just don’t make a lot of money and it takes a lot of time. And so there are a lot of other factors that came into my decision to just leave that career and start something on my own. In 2011, I started my own business and I was basically just helping different businesses with their social media.                                     Facebook was relatively new at that time. Twitter was brand new at that time. And WordPress was king really, uh, for website. Every, every website, every business had some type of WordPress something. So really I was self taught to master all of these systems and I started helping local restaurants and businesses like a fitness studio and other things with their social media management running very basic ads cause that’s really the only kind of ads you could run back then. Primarily for lead generation to make sales or anything online. And then updating their current websites, not building new ones. But I realized to these small businesses, we’re spending thousands of dollars for these web developers to be on retainer to go in and update, save their hours of operation or add a new photo or something like that. So my goal for these businesses was to help them save time and save money and maximize what it is that they’re trying to do in the community.                                     That worked out really, really well. And I just like with funnels, I was able to go out, like I set my intention, I went out and I got, you know, four or five clients and that replaced my income as a teacher and allowed me to have the freedom and flexibility that I wanted to have in my life. So one of my clients, his name is Seth Humphrey, he’s actually been my performance coach, uh, for the last four years. And um, but he is the fitness owner that I was helping with his social media and his lead Gen and everything like that. Well, Seth went through a program, much like Garrett White’s warrior training. In fact, his coaches were graduates of that training. So it was kind of like a level down from Gareth’s program. Well, Garrett white is a huge proponent of click funnels, right? And he’s been in since the beginning.                                     And in Gareth’s program, the only this he focused on, you know, your fitness and your family and everything else like that. He also focuses on helping you increase your business. And naturally he was telling all of the people in his program to use click funnels. So Seth said, hey, we’re getting ready to use click funnels. You need to figure out what that is cause we’re going to start doing it. And I was like, okay, this was back in 2014 when basically click funnels was just born, like very much Beta and maybe even just right out of Beta. So I was like, alright, let’s go. And so I taught myself the platform, relatively simple to use. Uh, it was the first version of it, which I think is called the classic editor. Now if you go in, you can see what it kind of looked like.                                     It’s, it’s just, it’s really spectacular how things just kind of have fallen into place. Um, I remember at that first funnel hacking live and all the other sense, but Garrett White was a speaker and really if we boiled it down and took out all the layers, Garrett is why I was doing what I was doing because he was coaching my guy on what to use. And so I remember I met him at in person at that event and I cried literally because it was like one of those full circle moments like, oh my gosh, you’re the reason that I’m here and now I’m here talking with you. I’m getting my picture with you. And it was a, it was a very powerful emotional moment, but it just made me realize how sure my path was. Like it was, it was really awesome. Ben:                          Garrett commands this presence and I love watching him speak every single time because it doesn’t matter if he’s on stage or you’re watching a video, the minute he gets on, he demands your attention and you listen because I don’t think anybody knew this. He was a PE teacher too. Yeah, he was a PE teacher. So when you hear him yelling and staring it up, I imagine myself as 11 year olds going on. So that’s really cool that everyone’s coming from an education background. I think it’s interesting too, the, everyone’s coming from the education background is trying to create a bigger education, a bigger movement, and a bigger change. You’re making, you’re doing the exact same thing, but you’re playing in the funnel space and helping people understand how to build funnels that will change lives. Right? Amanda:               And that’s the Funnel Kitchen! Yeah, I do, I help a lot of different types of businesses and people, but I love working with coaches and consultants and others that want to have like more massive impact on the people they’re trying to help. And, uh, what I’m able to do is really help them create more leverage in their business, uh, with online courses. And you know, I have a master’s degree in education and, uh, I actually started working on my phd, for awhile. And so my experience and education, uh, paired with their level of genius and their goals, it really helps solidify their product or offering that they can reach more people. So a lot of the people that I work with, they, and most of us had started out working one on one with clients, right? And there’s only so much of us to go around and one on one while it’s really important to have those types of clients, I think don’t, I don’t ever want to get rid of that part, but it’s really hard when you’re starting out to command the type of prices to make it worth it.
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