Habits and Hustle
Habits and Hustle
Dec 23, 2019
Episode 43: Yahya Bakkar – Family Man, Speaking Coach and Online Business Consultant
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Yahya Bakkar is an Expert Speaking Coach that specializes in helping his clients craft their message, story-tell powerfully, and build a profitable personal-brand business! He has a magnetic energy about him demands your attention! Yahya’s difficult upbringing (due to a falling out with his parents) has ingrained in him that he is always a family-man first, then a businessman. This episode is packed with awesome stories and tips that Yahya shares ranging from the biggest mistakes speakers make, how to use courage as the first step to change, and a special strategy he uses called the Story Proof Framework.

This is truly an episode valuable for anybody but especially if you’re ever in settings of speaking to groups or pitching your story. 

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The School of Greatness Hall of Fame
The School of Greatness Hall of Fame
Lewis Howes
The Power of Movement with Ido Portal
If you follow UFC and Conor McGregor, you already know him as the man who taught Conor how to move like a monkey. But you also might already know him as a world-renowned movement teacher of all disciplines. I’ve never met someone quite like Ido Portal. He is an obsessed student of movement and the body — which means he has also become an incredible teacher. Ido started studying different kinds of movement when he was a kid, got into martial arts, and from there traveled the world for years studying as many disciplines as he could. But he couldn’t find someone who could teach him what he was looking for — how our bodies are built to move and what they are fully capable of. He became the teacher he was looking for, and over the past decade and more, he has developed a world-wide movement culture. Not only has this caught the attention of elite athletes like Conor McGregor, he has also inspired millions of people to move their bodies in new ways through his workshops and social media. I was so impressed with Ido’s wisdom, clarity, and dedication to his craft. I’ve met few teachers like him and I was so inspired to keep moving my body in new ways after this conversation. Get ready to re-define what you think your body is built for in Episode 532. In This Episode, You Will Learn:Why being a good student is a missing art (8:12)Why there is no mastery of movement (11:30)The issue behind pro athletes getting depressed when they retire (26:15)Basic stretches Ido recommends doing daily to improve your body’s functionality (39:06)The most underrated factor in quality of life (40:20)The problem with “working out” (41:25)Why the story you tell yourself is more powerful than reality (1:03:10)How to practice meditation effectively (1:09:45)Why stillness is just as important as movement (1:14:00)Plus much more… Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
1 hr 39 min
All About Fitness
All About Fitness
Pete McCall
Shannon Fable - From Fitness Instructor to Fitness Leader
The ONLY place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. Success is based on a number of factors including hard work, the ability to network with others and timing. Shannon Fable has had many roles over the course of her fitness industry career: instructor, program director, presenter, business owner, board chairperson and consultant. On this episode of All About Fitness, Shannon talks about the steps she has taken to evolve her career, how to move to the next level of responsibility in an organization and offers suggestions for managing your career so that you can achieve a level of success no matter what field you are in. This is an insightful and motivational conversation with one of the most dynamic leaders in the fitness industry. Follow Shannon on Instagram: @sfable FOLLOW THIS LINK To learn more about Shannon's education and coaching programs Exercise is effective for slowing down and reducing the effects of the biological aging process. Exercise for the Fountain of Youth - $7; reviews the research of how exercise can help extend the life-span; it includes exercises and workouts to help you slow the effects of time. Catch the video version of this podcast on the All About Fitness Podcast channel on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkSEaOx8uEBksDjvcVjnizg BRAND NEW: Follow the @AllAboutFitnessPodcast feed on Instagram! Want to learn how to design your own programs to slow down the effects of the aging process? Invest in a copy of Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple www.petemccallfitness.com - sign up for the mailing list to receive a free chapter and workout from Smarter Workouts AND be eligible to be invited to FREE HIIT at Home workouts! Learn more about the human body and how to design your own exercise programs with one of the All About Fitness e-books Functional Core Training - $7; based on the research of Dr. Stuart McGill, it teaches you how to design workout programs that will have you looking great and moving pain-free. Dynamic Anatomy - $7; reviews how the muscles in your body actually function, provides a number of exercises for how your muscles are really designed to work. Each one of the All About Fitness workout programs includes exercises for strength, metabolic conditioning and mobility to help you earn the body you want: 8 week Dumbbell Strength Training - $12 8 week Kettlebell Conditioning - $12 8 week Functional Core Strength Training - $12 Bundles of e-books and workout programs - train your brain as well as your muscles! Functional Core Training and Dynamic Anatomy - $12 Dynamic Anatomy and Core Training Workout Bundle - $19 Dynamic Anatomy recorded webinar and e-book - $19 If you are a fitness professional, you can earn CECs with one of the following courses, approved for continuing education credits by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA): Dynamic Anatomy: Learn how the muscles and fascia function as an integrated system and how to use that information to design the workout programs that deliver results for your clients. 0.2 CECs - $29 Glute Reboot: Learn how the most visible muscles in your body work as well as a variety of exercises to help them function (and look) better 0.2 CECs - $29 Total Body Core Training: Learn the science of exercise program design and how to apply it to build a stronger core from the inside out. 0.4 CECs - $67 Contact: Pete@petemccallfitness.com
1 hr 3 min
Love Sex & Magic
Love Sex & Magic
Melissa Wells
How To Do The Work Pt. 1 with Rick and Mel
Hey Goddess, and welcome to this special 3-part series with my beloved partner, Rick, where we’re going to be discussing how to get into “doing the work”. We’ll be talking about what our journey looks like, how this can relate to conscious relationships, how to use it as a tool to work through trauma, understanding masculine and feminine dynamics, establishing attachment styles, and more Time Stamps 0:46 How to get into ’The Work’ 3:27 The barriers that prevent you from doing the work 10:30 Flipping the narrative 14:57 Developing trust in life 22:25 What questions we can ask ourselves to see where the work is required Want behind-the-scenes audio and video footage? Then be sure to join my monthly membership for your soul, The Goddess Collective. Goddess Collective members unlock access to extra “after the cut” content from each and every interview I host. During this segment of the podcast (which is recorded only for Collective members, and hosted inside the Collective website), questions that are submitted by the Goddesses are answered by podcast guests. The Goddess Collective also includes: A monthly workshop and workbook Fortnightly moonology readings A monthly Aphrodite Circle group coaching call hosted by yours truly Bonus interviews Interviews with guest experts An invitation into a members-only exclusive Facebook community, and Instant access to all the content that came before, and so much more… …all for $67. Click here to join, and access all my guest’s behind-the-scenes footage: http://melwells.com/collective Mentioned in this episode: Rick’s Instagram https://www.instagram.com/iamrickwilliam/
24 min
The Diary Of A CEO by Steven Bartlett
The Diary Of A CEO by Steven Bartlett
The Diary Of A CEO by Steven Bartlett
E69: Grace Beverley: How To Build A Multi-Million Pound Empire At 24
Grace is an entrepreneur, brand founder, influencer and Oxford University graduate who defied expectations and took her post-grad journey in an unexpected direction by launching 2 major brands: [We Are] TALA (sustainable, slow fashion activewear label) and fitness app Shreddy.  TALA’s performance since its launch in 2019 shows it to be one of the biggest positive disruptors in the gymwear space both in the UK and overseas. At the core of the brand is a focus on ethical, eco-efficient manufacture practices. The designs are inclusive in terms of size and shape range: Grace has spoken of the importance of personalising your fitness and health journey rather than subscribing to what's most popular or promoted on social media etc.  Grace has remained outspoken on the challenges faced by women in business, even in 2021. A social conscience runs through all three of her companies: up-cycled offcuts and recyclable materials are incorporated into products from TALA while remaining available to consumers at affordable prices.  Grace also used to vlog her daily life with great success, sharing her ups and downs as a 20-something year-old. Longtime subscribers of hers have had the chance to join her on a more personal journey. She however stepped away from vlogging a year ago to pursue her business ventures. Grace launched both Shreddy and TALA within a month of her final university exams. She is frequently discussed by followers for her drive and ability to be able to take on multiple projects at once with tons of enthusiasm.  Shreddy has received widespread press coverage since its launch, and Grace has recently pulled off a major partnership with celeb/influencer Jordyn Woods in LA, as well as collaborations with brands such as KOI footwear (an exclusive line of vegan footwear released in 2019).  - How did you have the confidence to pursue such an uncertain career  - How does it feel being discredited for what you've done?  - Sacrifice of business   - Your mental health - Relationships as a young successful woman - How has being a successful person changed you?   - Your take on working culture  - By stepping back from social media did you let the negativity win?  - What area of business are you best at?  - What area of business are you bad at?  - Instagram  - Any big regrets? - Worries about your book - How do you battle with all your ideas Grace: https://www.instagram.com/gracebeverley/?hl=en Sponsors: https://uk.huel.com/ www.fiverr.com/ceo  My book pre-order:  (UK, US, AUS, NZ Link) - http://hyperurl.co/xenkw2 (EU & Rest of the World Link) https://www.bookdepository.com/Happy-Sexy-Millionaire-Steven-Bartlett/9781529301496?ref=grid-view&qid=1610300058833&sr=1-2
1 hr 57 min
Muscle for Life with Mike Matthews
Muscle for Life with Mike Matthews
Mike Matthews
Q&A: Ecdysterone, Fasting and Muscle Loss, Lessons to Teach My Children
I’ve churned through over 150,000 emails, social media comments and messages, and blog comments in the last 6 years. And that means I’ve fielded a ton of questions. As you can imagine, some questions pop up more often than others, and I thought it might be helpful to take a little time every month to choose a few and record and share my answers. So, in this round, I answer the following three questions: * Does ecdysterone work? * When you’re fasting, when do you start losing muscle? * What is the most important life lesson you’d like to teach your children and how will you attempt to teach it? If you have a question you’d like me to answer, leave a comment below or if you want a faster response, send an email to mike@muscleforlife.com. Recommended reading for this episode: * _https://legionathletics.com/intermittent-fasting/_ --- Timestamps:_ _ 4:34 - Does ecdysterone work? 11:36 - When you’re fasting, when do you start losing muscle? 19:32 - What is the most important life lesson you’d like to teach your children and how will you attempt to teach it? Mentioned on The Show: Legion VIP One-on-One Coaching: _https://buylegion.com/vip_ Forge Pre-Workout Fat Burner: _https://legionathletics.com/products/supplements/forge-pre-workout-fat-burner/_ --- Want free workout and meal plans? Download my science-based diet and training templates for men and women: https://legionathletics.com/text-sign-up/
26 min
The Strength Coach Podcast
The Strength Coach Podcast
Anthony Renna
Positive Changes from COVID from 15 Gym Owners
Brought to you by PerformBetter.com Highlights of Episode 305 Naamly "Hit The Gym with a Strength Coach" Segment Build Lasting Relationships Through Personalized Communication I asked 15 gym owners: What is 1 thing that COVID changed in your business that was positive and you're keeping? (all answers were kept to 5 mins or under) Thanks to: * Vince Gabriele, Gabriele Fitness & Performance, Berkeley Heights, NJ * Christa Doran, Tuff Girl Fitness, Hamden, CT * Kendall Green, Green Roots Performance and Wellness , Wilmington, VA * Eugenia Bradshaw, Bradshaw Personal Fitness, Long Island, NY * Mark Fisher, Mark Fisher Fitness, NY, NY * Nate VanKouwenberg, Next Level Fitness, Rochester, NY * Christopher Kievit, Evolve Athletic Club, White Plains, NY * TJ Lopez, Athletic Movement Protocol (AMP), Syosset, NY * Rhonda Catt, Training House, Vernon, BC * Mike Ranfone, Ranfone Training, Hamden, CT * Michael Boyle, MBSC, Woburn, MA * Dan Goodman, Varsity House Gym, Orangeburg, NY * Guy Massi, Massi-Machado Strength & Conditioning, Cortlandt Manor, NY * Elsbeth Vaino, Custom Strength, Ottawa * Rick Mayo, Alloy Personal Training, Roswell, GA The StrengthCoach.com Coaches Corner with Coach Boyle We spoke about: * His Coaches Minute segment "Adult Clients Lifting Heavy" * His Coaches Minute segment "Overtraining" * What is 1 thing that COVID changed in your business that was positive and you're keeping? * Much more TrainHeroic "Data Driven Coaching Segment" Adam Dawdy and Tim Robinson talk about "Pricing in the TrainHeroic Marketplace" Click here to start your Free 14 Day Trial. The Certified Functional Strength Coach Segment with Kevin Carr and Brendon Rearick This episode continues a 7 part series on Movement as Medicine, discussing the wide array of benefits exercise has on physical, emotional and psychological health. Today's show Brendon talks about "Consistency Is King, And Moderation Is Queen. You Need Both To Make Lasting Change" Click Here for the article that goes with it. Get Certified! The Fit to Speak Segment with Jenny Rearick Jenny discusses "How to pick the best medium for sharing your message - whether that be texting, emailing, or a phone call, and then gives some practice tips for making the most out of whichever you choose" Fit to Speak is where Great Coaches Go to be Great Speakers. Get the PDF that details the skills and steps Jenny spoke about here About "Be Like the Best" During the last 12 years of interviewing many strength coaches, fitness professionals, physical therapists and gym owners, Anthony Renna has accumulated a rolodex of “The Best of the Best” in the fitness profession. This book is a collection of interviews with some of those top successes. Through his conversations, you’ll learn how they evolved in their careers, what habits and traits they believe made them successful, their goal setting processes, how they get through the hard times everyone faces and even some books to read and people they recommend following. After each interview, you’ll find a challenge or action step based on an important takeaway from each interview. These are designed to encourage you to build the habits to Be Like the Best on your journey to dominating in this profession. As a fitness professional, you’re already making an impact in your clients, athletes and patients. This book will help you stand out in a crowded field and help guide you on the road to success. Go to BeLiketheBest.com for more info Thanks for Listening!
1 hr 45 min
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