Habits and Hustle
Habits and Hustle
Sep 17, 2019
Episode 29: Denyelle Bruno – CEO of Tender Greens, Believing in a Brand…and Also Karaoke
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Denyelle Bruno is a successful executive and the current CEO of Tender Greens. In this episode, she talks about her career trajectory from Apple to Peet’s Coffee & Tea to Tender Greens, and how she credits her particular style of leadership for her successes. Denyelle shares with us the importance of branding, believing in your brand, and her love of karaoke. 

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Denyelle Bruno

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The SwimSwam Podcast
The SwimSwam Podcast
UF Freshman Adam Chaney Details Team Meetings That Prepped Him for SEC Breakout
At the 2021 SEC Men’s Championships, Florida freshman Adam Chaney put up two of the fastest 100-yard backstrokes in 17-18 age group history. Chaney also became the 4th 18&U swimmer to break 19 seconds in the 50-yard free. During prelims on Day 3, Chaney put up a 45.44, smashing his previous lifetime best of 47.10 from 2019. Then in finals, Chaney nabbed SEC runner-up with another lifetime best at 45.29. At the time, that ranked Chaney as the 3rd-fastest 17-18 swimmer in 100-yard back history. That is until Chaney turned around and led off Florida’s winning 400 medley relay. Chaney led off the relay in a blistering 44.99, splitting 21.38/23.61. That now makes Chaney the second 18&U swimmer to break 45 seconds in the 100 back. He is now No. 2 all-time in age group history only behind Olympic champion Ryan Murphy (44.63). All-Time 17-18 Boys Rankings – 100 BK SCY * 44.63, Ryan Murphy, 2014 * 44.99, Adam Chaney, 2021 * 45.05, Nic Albiero, 2018 * 45.32, Jack Conger, 2012 * 45.34, Austin Katz, 2017 In the 200 medley relay, Chaney led Florida’s winning relay off in a 20.72 backstroke leg, which is the 15th-fastest 50 back relay split in history. SWIMSWAM PODCAST LINKS * Click here to listen and subscribe on Spotify * Click here to listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts * Click here to listen and subscribe on Podbean * Click here to listen and subscribe on Google * Click here to listen and subscribe on YouTube * Click here to listen and subscribe on Listen Notes * Click here to listen and subscribe on Stitcher * Click here to listen and subscribe on iHeartRadio * Click here to listen and subscribe on Amazon * Click here to listen and subscribe on Pandora
11 min
A Small Voice: Conversations With Photographers
A Small Voice: Conversations With Photographers
Ben Smith
148 - David Yarrow
David Yarrow was born in 1966 into the Scottish Yarrow shipbuilding dynasty - founded in 1865 by his grandfather, Sir Alfred Yarrow, who had come from humble origins in East London. David took up photography at an early age and as a 20-year-old university undergraduate found himself working as a photographer for The Times on the pitch at the 1986 World Cup Final in Mexico City. On that day, David took the famous picture of Diego Maradona holding the trophy and as a result was subsequently asked to cover the 1988 Winter Olympics, among other events. On his return, David was met with two job offers at the same salary. One was from Getty Images and the other from Nat West bank. To the enormous surprise of the people at Getty, but to the profound delight of his parents, he chose the latter, which led to a successful and lucrative finance career on Wall Street and ultimately building a billion dollar hedge fund. It wasn’t until the mid 2000s, in the aftermath of divorce and the financial crash that David returned to photography. David’s distinctive and immersive black and white images of life on earth have earned him an ever growing following amongst art collectors. His huge works, produced in Los Angeles, are on display in leading galleries and museums across Europe and North America and he is now recognised as one of the best selling fine art photographers in the world with limited edition prints regularly selling for tens of thousands of pounds at auction. In September 2019, Rizzoli published David’s second book with foreword was written by global NFL star Tom Brady and an afterword written by American cultural icon Cindy Crawford. All royalties from this book will be donated to conservation charities Tusk, in the UK and WildAid, in the US. David’s position in the industry has been rewarded with a wide range of advisory and ambassadorial roles and in the spring of 2020, David was appointed a Global Ambassador for Best Buddies – one of America’s most established children’s charities. In 2018 and 2019 David’s work raised over $4.5m for philanthropic and conservation organisations. At Art Miami in December 2019, his photograph _The Wolves of Wall Street_ broke new records. One print, signed by Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese, featuring the real Wolf of Wall Street – Jordan Belfort – sold for $200,000. The proceeds went to conservation NGOs supported by DiCaprio. At the start of 2020, David was in Australia documenting the devastating bush fires that have destroyed communities, wildlife and wildlands. Using the striking and poignant images that he captured of the effects of the fire, Yarrow launched the Koala Comeback Campaign to support the recovery efforts in Australia. As of early June, the campaign has raised $1.4m. In April, during the Covid-19 pandemic, David joined the Art For Heroes campaign, to raise money for the NHS. He released a print – Our Pride – with all proceeds going to HEROES. For every print purchased, David donated an Our Pride print to an NHS worker. The campaign has surpassed its original target of £1m. On episode 148, David discusses, among other things: * Working through the Covid crisis. * Monetization and the moment ‘the penny dropped’ with a picture of a shark. * Lessons learned from _Breaking Bad_. * Avoiding ‘vertical integration’ and the need for FIGJAM. * Why it’s important to keep edition sizes small. * Lessons learned from his mum (a sculptor). * America by definition being a country of entrepreneurs. * The twin filters of authenticity and commerciality. * The Catch-22 of getting gallery representation. * How his lowest point resulted in the picture that changed everything, with the help of two ladders. * When you know you have a good image. * How the idea of bringing animals and people together in the same frame came by accident. * Being exhausted by some areas of ‘wokery’. Referenced: * Willie Nelson * Tom Brady * Ansel Adams * Peter Lik * Andy Warhol * Georgio Armani * Tom Ford * Henri Matisse * Terry O’Neil * Nick Brandt * Cara Delevigne * Chris Hemsworth * Cindy Crawford * Leonardo DiCaprio * Peter Beard * Richard Avedon * Tim Ferriss Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter “In 2021, whatever you do, if you’re a creative in particular, I don’t think you’re excused from being a business person.”
1 hr 29 min
Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast
Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast
Crushing Iron
#456 – What's Good For Your Soul Today?
Isn’t all this about feeling good and having more energy? Today, we look at self-judgement, what makes for successful training, and how you should judge effort. We look at good stress, finding consistent energy and removing guilt. Don’t tell me, show me. The cramming mentality. Spreading ourselves too thin. Judging yourself and making everything a competition. Most often it’s just best to ask, “What do I need to do for my soul today?” Topics: * When will be our last podcast?? * Mike and Robbie both share massage stories * Race previews on the horizon?? * Atlanta Marathon * How do we judge effort * Being successful in your life * Dusting off the rust * Energy is all that really matters * Balancing everything in your day * What’s best for your mood? * Good stress is stress * When we spread ourselves too thin * Knowing your body and what’s best for you today * A coach’s main job * Removing guilt and anxiety * Every day is not a competition * What do you need to do for your soul today? * Cold turkey quits * Cheat days * Don’t tell me you’re back, show me * The beauty of “yellow” in Training Peaks * Setting up for success * The Cramming Mentality * The first 10 minutes of anything . . . * If you’re ready to crush something . . . check yourself. --------------- * Coach Mike is accepting full-time athletes. Please check out the benefits of Customized Weekly Coaching here or contact Mike directly at: CrushingIron@gmail.com * Registration is now open for the C26 Club Training Program. Take the worry and stress out of your 2021 season planning, recovering, taper, etc. For more information, please visit www.C26Triathlon.com/the-c26-club * Looking for a swim analysis, personalized zones for training, and an awesome experience? Check out our New C26 Hub Training Center in Chattanooga. * C26 Gear is now available (for a limited time) at www.c26triathlon.com/c26-store A great way to support the podcast! * Looking for an awesome coach? Former Professional triathlete, Jessica Jacobs is now coaching for C26 Triathlon. Check out her bio and contact information at our Coaching Page on C26Triathlon.com Big Shout out to podcast listener and Wordpress designer Bobby Hughes for helping get the new c26triathlon.com off the ground. If you like what you see and may need a website, check out Bobby’s work at https://hughesdesign.co/ You can also slide by www.crushingiron.com which is now the official blog page for the podcast. Community and coaching information are at www.c26triathlon.com Our 2020 C26 Camps are sold out (other than swim camp) Find out more on our Camps Page. If you'd like to support the Crushing Iron Podcast, hit up our Pledge Page and help us keep this podcast on the rails. Thanks in advance! Are you thinking about raising your game or getting started in triathlon with a coach? Check out our Crushing Iron Coaching Philosophy Video Please subscribe and rate Crushing Iron on YouTube and iTunes. For information on the C26 Coach’s Eye custom swim analysis, coaching, or training camps email: C26Coach@gmail.com Facebook: CrushingIron YouTube: Crushing Iron Twitter: CrushingIron Instagram: C26_Triathlon www.c26triathlon.com Mike Tarrolly - crushingiron@gmail.com Robbie Bruce - c26coach@gmail.com
59 min
The Beginner Photography Podcast
The Beginner Photography Podcast
BPP 239: Bryan Caporicci - What To Focus On When Starting Out In Photography
Bryan Caporicci is an award-winning wedding and portrait photographer based out of Fonthill, Canada. In 2014, he was awarded his Masters of Photographic Arts (MPA) designation by the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC), making him one of the youngest Canadian photographers to receive this level of achievement. Bryan is the host of the Business of Photography Podcast with over 2 million downloads. He teaches at workshops across North America, including industry-leading conventions and conferences such as WPPI, Shutterfest and Canada Photo Convention. Bryan is also the CEO and Founder of Sprout Studio. In today’s interview, Bryan talks about the key aspects of photography to focus on when just getting started.   In This Episode You'll Learn: * What is Clubhouse for photographers * Who Bryan is and how he got started in photography * His earliest struggles and how he overcame them * How to avoid overwhelm when just learning photography * What Bryan hopes to achieve by shooting film for personal work Premium Members Also Learn: * What to focus on now to build a business foundation * How to leverage local relationships to build bookings * The 3 most important pillars of stating a photo business * The paradox of the growing heap and how it will help you better understand bookings Resources: * Bryan Caporicci Wedding Photography * The Business of Photography Podcast * Sprout Studio - All in one studio management for photographers Standout Quotes: * "It was my marketing skills, just the fact that I looked at what I did as an entrepreneur...that's what got me to where I was". - [Bryan] * "Take it a step at a time, I think that's probably the biggest mistake that I see photographers make, especially in those early days". - [Bryan] * "That's when you become a good wedding photographer when you can look at things and go beyond the technical". - [Bryan] * "Every overnight success is an overnight success 10 years in the making". - [Bryan] * "The future is cheap if you pay for it now". - [Raymond] * "Everyone wants success, no one wants to put in the work that success requires". - [Bryan] * "Whatever gear you have, is all that you need right now". - [Bryan]   Key Takeaways: * "Clubhouse" is an audio-only social media tool, that allows people to connect either as photographers or with other professionals * Bryan shares he has always had a passion for the business side of photography. * His experience knowing that most photographers aren't well equipped on the business side motivated the founding of Sprout Studios to offer strategies and tools to help photographers run their business. * While most photographers start with an interest in photography and then later incorporate the business side, Bryan had been involved with the business side first but moved into photography after splitting up with his partner who was running the photography aspect of things. * Starting, he took up photography on a small scale largely involving sports including all the local sports teams which helped him learn, create systems, and build his skill. * The biggest challenge about weddings is the fast pace not only due to the number of events going on at each moment but also technical changes you need to make, to adjust for each shot. * Bryan describes defined paths for a new photographer: First, you need to understand the technicals, then learn how to do it under pressure, and then learn how to find moments. * Emphasizing the importance of having a mindset to put in the time necessary for growth, Bryan stresses the role of 2nd shooting as an intern, to learn the ropes. * The rewards of being an entrepreneur are beautiful but it takes work to get them, and the early days are always the hardest. * Don't chase the gear.
53 min
B&H Photography Podcast
B&H Photography Podcast
B&H Photo & Video
The Ninja—Concert Photography, with Christie Goodwin
Live event and concert photography have obviously been drastically impacted by the global pandemic and related shutdowns. Let’s give a shout-out to all the photographers, musicians, technicians, and crew who have struggled with the loss of that part of their income and craft, but also make time on the B&H Photography Podcast to talk about concert photography as we inch toward a hopeful return to live music and art performances. Today’s guest is Christie Goodwin, a premiere concert and music photographer. She has been the tour photographer for the likes of Taylor Swift and Usher and has shot in venues around the world. She is also the house photographer for the famed Royal Albert Hall in London. Her work is impeccable, and a quick glance at her website features some of the most recognized faces in contemporary music today. With Goodwin we speak on a range of topics, including her goals as a concert photographer based on the needs of the artist, the management team, the venue, or the fans. We also talk about life on tour, the trust necessary to work with musicians, shooting techniques learned from experience, and how she lets a concert “speak to her” as she decides her photographic approach. We also talk briefly about her Canon DSLR cameras and lenses, and about her side hustle, creating conceptual images for book covers, and how this primarily mirrorless endeavor is the yin to her concert photography yang. Join us for this insightful and practical conversation. Guest: Christie Goodwin Photograph: Christie Goodwin
1 hr 1 min
Wine for Normal People
Wine for Normal People
Wine for Normal People
Ep 364: The High-End World of Rare Wines with Dave Parker of Benchmark Wines
In this episode I welcome David Parker, CEO and Founder of Benchmark Wine Group , which is the largest online seller of fine and rare wines for wine retailers, restaurants and collectors worldwide. Benchmark does auction, retail, wholesale and import. Dave is an unusual guest for us in that he specializes in a part of the market that most of us, as normal wine people, know nothing about -- fine and rare (and VERY expensive) wine! He is a great guest and openly shares everything from how Benchmark procures wine to how they ensure the wines are authentic (provenance) to the important things to know about collectible wine, should you decide to dip into this world. As a bonus, David tells us about the Rudy Kurniawan scandal (he knew Rudy!) and he shares great information about how the market works to keep that kind of fraud out of rare wine. As an important program note: I do need to thank the Patrons for encouraging me to have Dave on as a guest and for providing some great questions for this interview. If you are interested in becoming a Patron to have opportunities like this and to take part in other exclusive conversations, you can join for as little as US$20 per year! Here are the show notes: * Dave tells us how Benchmark sources wine, how the wine is evaluated and what makes it a good candidate for his portfolio. * We discuss provenance/authenticity guarantees, fraud, and how they ensure the wines are in great condition when Benchmark buys them. We discuss the sources of these wines -- from restaurants to private collectors and how Benchmark knows exactly what will work for them. "Bordeaux Wines at Fareham Wine Cellar" by Fareham Wine is licensed under CC BY 2.0 * Dave tells us how to begin investing in wine – the types of things people should collect, what you need to start a collection, and how wines become collectible over time. I ask him if these wines are actually worth the money (and he gives a diplomatic answer!) * Finally, Dave tells us what makes a wine age-worthy and we have a discussion about tariffs and what that may do to the rare wine market. If you're interested in learning more or starting somewhere, check out Benchmark's site. They have a guarantee of quality, so if you decide to invest it's less risky. ___________________________________________________________ Thanks to our sponsors: Wine Access Visit: www.wineaccess.com/normal and for a limited time get $20 off your first order of $50 or more! Wine Access is a web site that has exclusive wines that overdeliver for the price (of which they have a range). * They offer top quality wines by selecting diverse, interesting, quality bottles you may not have access to at local shops. * Wine Access provides extensive tasting notes, stories about the wine and a really cool bottle hanger with pairings, flavor profile, and serving temps. * Wines are warehoused in perfect conditions and shipped in temperature safe packs. Satisfaction is guaranteed! Check it out today! www.wineaccess.com/normal Thanks to YOU! The podcast supporters on Patreon, who are helping us to make the podcast possible and who we give goodies in return for their help! Check it out today: https://www.patreon.com/winefornormalpeople
1 hr
Material Matters with Grant Gibson
Material Matters with Grant Gibson
Grant Gibson
Thomas Thwaites on making a toaster by hand and attempting to become a goat (yes, really).
Thomas Thwaites was one of the first people I wanted to interview when I started Material Matters in 2019. I’m not entirely certain why it has taken so long to arrange a chat. The designer graduated from the Design Interactions course of Royal College of Art in 2009, with a piece that has gone on to become genuinely iconic.  In The Toaster Project, Thwaites set out to make this industrially manufactured product by hand. He mined his own iron ore, extracted copper from water and attempted to persuade BP to allow him onto an oil rig to bring back a jug of crude. His adventure was published as a (highly readable) book in 2011.  And not satisfied with that, a few years later this most unpredictable of creatives came up with another book. Goatman: How I took a Holiday from Being Human charted his quest to live his life as a goat and cross the Alps on all fours, eating grass along the route. It was described by designer Anthony Dunne as ‘a wonderfully eccentric, at times absurd, but always thoughtful reflection on one man’s journey into the wilder regions of design.’ In this episode we talk about: becoming a father during the pandemic; deciding to create a toaster by hand; persuading people to do the strangest things; why his approach to design is like journalism (only more difficult); how his mother’s microwave ended up in the permanent collection of the V&A; hosting a TV show in South Korea; and, last but by no means least, his desire to become a goat.  You can learn more about Thomas here And sign up for my newsletter here  Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/materialmatters?fan_landing=true)
1 hr 8 min
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