Habits and Hustle
Habits and Hustle
Jun 25, 2019
Episode 17: Natasha Case – Founder of Coolhaus – Finding Your Passion, Being Scrappy, & Smart Marketing
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Natasha Case is the founder and owner of Coolhaus ice cream. We talk in this episode about Natasha’s evolution from architect to ice cream maven, and how she and her partner, Freya, built Coolhaus from one literally broken down ice cream truck to being in over 7,500 grocery stores worldwide. Natasha also talks about the importance of building a marketable brand with proper packaging, finding your customers, and the excitement of owning a women-run business.

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The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk
The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk
Ryan Hawk
407: Ryan Serhant - How To Have Big Magnetic Energy (Million Dollar Listing)
Text LEARNERS to 44222 for more... Full show notes at www.LearningLeader.com Twitter/IG: @RyanHawk12 https://twitter.com/RyanHawk12 Ryan Serhant is a real estate broker, CEO, and founder of SERHANT. He's a bestselling author, producer, and star of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing New York and Sell It Like Serhant. He led the #1 ranked (in sales volume) real estate team in New York City in 2019 with just under $1.45 Billion in sales. Notes: * His mantra is: "Expansion. Always in all ways." * It's about growth. * Work to find your own brand and mantra -- It must be honest and genuine for you. * A learning exercise for you to do: A "self-audit." Ask your friends and colleagues, "When I'm not around and you're describing me to others, what do you say?" * Find friends who are willing to be honest with you to better understand what you're known for... If you don't like it, work to change it. * Ryan Serhant was known as the guy who kept his hands in his pockets and couldn't look you in the eye. He needed to change that. * "Your perception to others is your reputation and your brand." * "Fake it til you make it" is not useful... * Instead, Ryan sold the TV producers at Bravo the person and the real estate broker he would become... * "When Tom Brady got drafted in the 6th round, he told the owner, 'That's the best decision you've ever made.' Tom Brady truly believed that. I believed I would become the best real estate agent in the world." * "I didn't show them who I was in the moment, I showed them who I could become." * Pivotal moment - Ryan went to the top selling agent in his office and said, "Man, how are you doing this, can you teach me?" And the agent said to Ryan, "Na man, I ain't telling you shit." Ryan thought, "Wow. I'm going to have to figure this out on my own. This guy is threatened by me." * The New York City market - "It's cut throat. I went there for theater school, and stayed because, 'I would rather regret the things I did, than what I thought about doing and didn't do." * Ryan depends on a routine to be productive. It is: * "I wake up at 4:00am. In the gym by 5:00. 6:00 shower. Baby time at 7:00. First meeting at 7:30. I figure I wake up three hours earlier than most people. If you multiple that 3 hours times 365 days, I get on average 30 more days per year than others. I like my odds with 30 extra days." * Discipline is critical - "Of course I'm tired in the morning, but I get up and do it anyway. People need to do more things that could better their lives. Do the things within your control." It's harder, but worth it. * How has becoming a dad changed Ryan? * "My wife says it's being a male nester. I worked harder and worked more while she was pregnant. I want to be the provider for my family. My daughter has made everything bigger." * What about balance? "I have no balance. I'm lucky I found a partner who understands my drive and work ethic." * What to say to those who don't like him because of the self-promotion? * "I'm a real estate broker. I'm a salesman. The difference with me is I don't hide it. Our job is to promote our success so that we can get the next listing." * Building confidence: * "People who spend millions on real estate don't lack confidence. They want a broker who is confident too." * Big Money Energy: * "It's a unique set of qualities that every successful, confident person has..." * Code #1: "When you can't change your circumstance, there's one thing you can change. Your energy. I sell a transfer of energy. Of excitement." * Energy * "Develop magnetism so others want to be around you. How? Ask questions, be interested in them, listen to their responses, create friendships instead of clients." * "Shift your mindset -- What is your why? What's the wall you're fighting against? -- "I had no money and no connections in NYC. I rode the Subway crying that I couldn't even get a rental listing... That's my why." * Commonality among excellence real estate brokers: * Must be very organized * Follow up is critical * Disciplined * Relentless work ethic * Empathetic - The ability to be excited or sad with a client. * There are 3 types of sales people: * Car sales - pushes, thinks short term * Tour guide - Just points to stuff, never closes deals * Push & Pull - They work to get the deal done
59 min
20 Minutes with Bronwyn
20 Minutes with Bronwyn
Bronwyn Saglimbeni
Courage is Rewarded: My Conversation with Tina Tran
If there’s one thing i’ve learned in this life, it is this: Everyone you meet has a backstory. Everyone has a history full of highs and lows, celebration and tragedy. And it’s so easy to forget this when we’re in our 500th meeting of the day. That each face (or name if cameras are off) has a story. In our minds, we think in terms of title. Or position in the power hierarchy. Well, my friend, you are about to meet someone with a backstory that will take your breath away. You’re about to meet Tina Tran. Upon first meeting Tina, you would immediately know you were in the presence of a badass. Tina is a director of business development, leading mobile platform and OEM partnerships for a small company you may have heard of called Microsoft. Tina serves on the board of directors at Hello Neighbor, an organization that strengthens communities by matching resettled refugee families with dedicated neighbors to help them thrive in their new lives in the U.S. She is also an advisor for Nomi Network, a non-profit that fights modern day slavery and human trafficking through economic empowerment programs. In 2018, Tina graduated from the prestigious Presidential Leadership Scholars Program, a partnership between the George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Lyndon Johnson, and George Bush presidential centers. She is one of 59 national up- and-coming leaders recognized for her commitment to solving some of our nation’s most pressing problems. See what I mean? BADASS. But she’s also just a good human. She’s someone who loves to connect people, support people, and she just exudes energy. But instead of telling you all about Tina, I want you to meet her. So put your feet up, or strap on your walking shoes, and settle in.
40 min
The Art of Construction
The Art of Construction
Devon Tilly / The Art of Construction
206: Tools for Capturing Your Product's Reality
Matthew Byrd, President of Nexus 3D Consulting and host of the Reality Capture Network podcast, and Scott Hicken, AOC Executive Producer, join us on episode 206 of Art of Construction.   The truth is, 3D scanning is the future, and it’s enticing. State-of-the-art products give us the ability to capture and utilize accurate data for an amalgam of things, from checking off pre-insulation details in a newly built home, to remodeling giant architectural masterpieces like the Seattle Space Needle. But as we know, each project is different. There’s no “One Size Fits All” in the AEC industry, and certainly not in system integration. With different laser scanners and photogrammetry software on the market, how do you choose what will best serve your project and company’s needs?  Here at Art of Construction, we strive to provide the best resources possible to innovate your business and move our industry forward, and Nexus 3D Consulting holds the same aspirations. As a company of multifaceted services, including 3D scanning, BIM services, surveying and point cloud data, they know all too well that without the right education and communication, these tools can make us work harder, NOT smarter. There is a time, place and product for each project, and knowing the difference between them is key!  Join Matthew, Devon and Scott as they discuss the similarities, differences and history of 3D capture products (like Matterport and Leica BLK360), choosing tools that'll best assist you with your project, where companies can go wrong in implementing new technologies, and connecting the RCN and AOC podcast tribes!
55 min
SuperAge: Live Better
SuperAge: Live Better
David Stewart
Dr. Vonda Wright: Mobility Will Save Your Life
How do we live to our potential today? What role does movement and exercise have, and how much is enough? How does hormone replacement help for women? What about HRT for men? Dr. Vonda Wright shares her insights on everything from the effects of exercise after 40, 50, and 60 to the benefits of foam rolling for recovery and performance and hormones. She wants to be healthy, active, vital, and joyful for the rest of her lifespan, and she wants to help others in doing the same by bridging the gap between their health span and lifespan. Fortunately, her research and experience as an orthopedic surgeon, speaker, and author has given her the knowledge to do just that. “What gets me up in the morning, David, is the knowledge that by saving your mobility, I’m going to save your life because there’s not one pill besides exercise and smart nutrition that effects all the diseases that we are commonly plagued with. So that’s what gets my out of bed everyday as an orthopod and an author and a speaker.”  “We know that 68% of people do not do any kind of mobility any day of the week. And that’s why about 60% of people in this country can qualify as obese and 30% of our children are obese. And 17% of our children, that we raised, now have diabetes. We need to do something about this now.“ Listen to The SuperAge podcast wherever you get your podcasts.  Sponsored by InsideTracker: https://bit.ly/3pNeEdU Dr. Vonda Wright: https://www.drvondawright.com Dr. Vonda Wright’s books: https://www.drvondawright.com/author-and-expert/ HOT For Your Health Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hot-for-your-health/id1055206993 Additional Resource: https://estrogenmatters.com
1 hr 2 min
The Elite HRV Podcast: Heart Rate Variability, Biohacking Health & Performance, Quantified Self
The Elite HRV Podcast: Heart Rate Variability, Biohacking Health & Performance, Quantified Self
Jason Moore: Systems Designer, Tinkerer, Health and Performance Consultant
Cannabis, Spermidine and Optimizing Health, Immunity, and Longevity with Don Moxley
In This Episode: We cover what Don has been up to since the last time we had him on the podcast. Additionally, we explore what he learned from working in the cannabis industry, what he has to teach us about spermidine and autophagy, and some ways in which we can optimize health and longevity. Website(s): - https://themendico.com - projectcbd.org - http://spermadinelife.us(Discount code: HRV50) - longevitybioresearch.org - trainrecoverwin.com Show Notes: 01:15 - What Don has been up to the last couple of years 03:30 - How he transitioned into an opportunity to work in the cannabis industry 06:45 - The importance of the endocannabinoid system and how it works at a high level 09:00 - The evolution of cannabis legislation and the market in recent years 12:30 - The opportunity to use cannabis products as wellness tools 18:00 - Take-aways for those interested in trying cannabis products 25:00 - How Don transitioned into working for Longevity Labs 26:30 - What spermidine is and how it functions in the body 28:15 - What autophagy is and why we should care about it 33:45 - What people can expect to feel when supplementing with spermidine 37:15 - Energy toxicity and how we can bring it back into balance 39:30 - The difference between healthspan and lifespan and it's implications on what we should to to improve our longevity 45:30 - Intermittent fasting and it's implications on sports performance and longevity 52:30 - Spermidine and autophagy's role in immunity and potential for protection against viruses such as COVID-19 1:00:45 - How Don has used a mission-driven philosophy to re-define himself and his personal purpose
1 hr 4 min
Badass Digital Nomads
Badass Digital Nomads
Kristin Wilson
How To Make $10K/Mo as a Digital Nomad Copywriter in Budapest
After struggling with addiction and overdosing in college, Francis Nayan decided to take a job teaching English in Europe. Unfortunately, the pay wasn’t very good ($800 per month). But luckily, Francis stumbled upon a meet-up group for foreigners in Budapest, Hungary where he met digital nomads making money online for the first time. Fast-forward a couple years and Francis now makes $100K+ per year a freelance email copywriter and content strategist. In this podcast, Francis and Kristin give testimony to how simple it can be to start making money online and leading a lifestyle of location independence. Francis shares how he got started in the online business world, the benefits of how expat meetups can help you meet people abroad, and how he got his first big client as a freelancer. He explains his concept of “laptop before lifestyle” and shares some of his favorite productivity hacks. Francis also gives a ton of recommendations for things to do in Hungary and offers advice for those in recovery from addiction who are striving for freedom. If you’re interested in learning how to make an income as a copywriter to fund a location independent lifestyle, this episode is packed with valuable resources and insights that will help you achieve that! TOPICS DISCUSSED/WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: * Why Francis chose to live and work remotely in Mexico and Hungary. * How he learned to write copy and start a freelance copywriting business. * How his studies in anthropology and archaeology helped him as a writer and a world traveler. * The unique benefits of expat and digital nomad meetups, like International Meeting Point. * How to go from making dollars off Upwork to getting big clients and big paychecks. * The various ways writers can make money online. * The reality of living and working remotely. * Advice on dealing with temptation in addiction recovery. * The simple productivity/remote work tool Francis can’t live without. * Budapest Travel Tips: * Recommended sights to see * Restaurants to visit * The best co-working spaces in Budapest QUESTIONS ANSWERED: * What are the different income streams you have and how did you set those up? * What are some recommended resources for aspiring freelance writers? * What do you wish you had known before becoming a full-time digital nomad? * Could you ever see yourself going back to working a traditional 9-5 job? * What are your favorite places you’ve traveled to for leisure and for work? * How much does your Airbnb in Mexico cost? * What traditional food dishes should people try when they travel to Hungary? * And much more! RESOURCES * Get your first £500 transfer free when you open a new account with Transferwise. * International Meeting Point - Budapest * Upwork * The Copywriter Club * Ket Szerecsen - Budapest Related Podcasts: Badass Digital Nomads Episodes on How to Make Money Writing and Blogging: * Tom Kuegler * Anthony Moore * John Gorman * Ayo the Author * Founder of Cardplayer Lifestyle Other podcasts with Francis: * The Prime Life Podcast #44 Memoirs of a Former Addict w/ Francis Nayan * The Copywriter Club Podcast #213 Forging Better Habits w/ Francis Nayan CONNECT WITH FRANCIS: * E-Book: The Click Rate Code * Francis Nayan's Website * Francis Nayan’s Instagram ....................................................................................................... Support Kristin and the Badass Digital Nomads Podcast: * Become a Patron for $5 per month * Leave a 5* Review: https://lovethepodcast.com/digitalnomad * Buy Official Merch * Search All Episodes: www.badassdigitalnomads.com Connect with Kristin on Social Media: * Follow on Instagram * Subscribe to Traveling with Kristin on YouTube * Subscribe to Digital Nomad TV on YouTube * Join the Badass Digital Nomads Facebook Group Podcast descriptions may contain affiliate links of products and services we use and recommend at no additional cost to you.
1 hr 5 min
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