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Habits and Hustle
Aug 18, 2020
Episode 77: Dr. Daniel Amen – 12x NY Times Bestselling Author, Psychiatrist, & Founder of Amen Clinics
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Dr. Daniel Amen is a 12x NY Times Bestselling Author, Psychiatrist, & Founder of Amen Clinics. Too often mental healthcare attempts to medicate as a solution to a problem they don’t seem to understand. Dr. Amen seeks to adjust that style of thinking by analyzing the brain the way we would approach any other physical ailment. Taking a biological approach to psychiatry, the doctor attempts to remove the stigma of “mental illness” and replace it with “brain health” in a way he believes can be treated, in many situations, without pharmaceutical interference. With a focus not only on the trauma and complications of adulthood but also on those from childhood that may even lend to patients’ current struggles, this episode delivers a dose of education and scientific study to the everyday brain health issues that plague so many of us. Whether you’re caught up inside depressed through quarantine, or forced to work in the middle of a pandemic spiking your anxiety, maybe you’ll find some relief in what the doctor has to say.

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20 Minutes with Bronwyn
20 Minutes with Bronwyn
Bronwyn Saglimbeni
Courage is Rewarded: My Conversation with Tina Tran
If there’s one thing i’ve learned in this life, it is this: Everyone you meet has a backstory. Everyone has a history full of highs and lows, celebration and tragedy. And it’s so easy to forget this when we’re in our 500th meeting of the day. That each face (or name if cameras are off) has a story. In our minds, we think in terms of title. Or position in the power hierarchy. Well, my friend, you are about to meet someone with a backstory that will take your breath away. You’re about to meet Tina Tran. Upon first meeting Tina, you would immediately know you were in the presence of a badass. Tina is a director of business development, leading mobile platform and OEM partnerships for a small company you may have heard of called Microsoft. Tina serves on the board of directors at Hello Neighbor, an organization that strengthens communities by matching resettled refugee families with dedicated neighbors to help them thrive in their new lives in the U.S. She is also an advisor for Nomi Network, a non-profit that fights modern day slavery and human trafficking through economic empowerment programs. In 2018, Tina graduated from the prestigious Presidential Leadership Scholars Program, a partnership between the George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Lyndon Johnson, and George Bush presidential centers. She is one of 59 national up- and-coming leaders recognized for her commitment to solving some of our nation’s most pressing problems. See what I mean? BADASS. But she’s also just a good human. She’s someone who loves to connect people, support people, and she just exudes energy. But instead of telling you all about Tina, I want you to meet her. So put your feet up, or strap on your walking shoes, and settle in.
40 min
The Food Blogger Pro Podcast
The Food Blogger Pro Podcast
Bjork Ostrom
293: A $100k Side Hustle - How to Balance a Full-Time Job and a Profitable Side Hustle with Brett Lindenberg
Keyword research and content types and the decisions that helped increase Food Truck Empire's income with Brett Lindenberg. ----- Welcome to episode 293 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Brett Lindenberg about growing his site, Food Truck Empire, alongside working a full-time job. A $100k Side Hustle It can be tough building and growing a side hustle like a blog alongside working a 9–5 full-time job. So when we heard that Food Blogger Pro Member, Brett from the site Food Truck Empire, was making $100k a year with his blog while continuing to work at his full-time job, we knew we needed to invite him on the podcast to talk about how he did it. This interview is jam-packed with keyword research guidance, tips about working with contractors, stories about buying other sites, and advice surrounding content creation. Enjoy! In this episode, you’ll learn: * When he realized a website could make money * How he decided to build a site around the topic of food trucks * Why he works full-time and balances a blog * What it looks like to work with contractors * Why he bought other sites * How switching ad companies helped his site’s bottom line * The decisions that were most impactful to his blog’s income * How he build and sold a course * How he does keyword research and thinks in “content types” Resources: * Food Truck Empire * 053: Pat Flynn’s Tips for Building Online Businesses That Fly * Baremetrics * Buffer * ConvertKit * OnlineJobs.ph * Food Truck Empire’s Marketplace * AdSense * AdThrive * Mediavine * WP Tasty * 097: How to Create a Full-Time Income from Blogging Using The Egg Carton Method with Bjork Ostrom * Ahrefs * Semrush * Mr. Beast * Connect with Brett via email If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for interviews, be sure to email them to podcast@foodbloggerpro.com. Learn more about joining the Food Blogger Pro community at foodbloggerpro.com/membership
58 min
The Shameless Mom Academy
The Shameless Mom Academy
Sara Dean
523: Nikki Tucker: Why Women Must Be Financially Independent
Nikki Tucker is a 16 year Finance Professional, Divorce Financial Strategist, and founder of The FIIRM Approach. She is also a mom of a teenage boy, part-time foodie, and oat milk latte lover who helps female breadwinners prepare their finances for divorce. She helps those early in the divorce process gain clarity and reduce overwhelm by arming them with information, strategies, and resources to confidently maintain their financial security whether they end up divorced or not. Nikki primarily works with clients through her signature program Silent Preparation Series which has both on-demand and live learning options. Listen in to here Nikki share: * Why divorce can be empowering and positive and liberating * Why she has chosen to work exclusively with women in her business * Why it’s crucial for women to be financially independent regardless of the status of your marriage * Why financial independence is an insurance policy for women * How she works with women as a Divorce Financial Strategist * The two questions she helps women answer when they are considering divorce * The biggest myths about divorce that keep women in unhealthy marriages * How to redefine family in the face of divorce * How the pandemic is impacting divorce scenarios and divorce rates * Her “Bid ADO” philosophy (that you need now!) Links mentioned: * Connect with Nikki: The Fiirm Approach * Get Nikki’s Free Ultimate Financial Resource Guide * Facebook: The Fiirm Approach * Instagram: The Fiirm Approach Thank you to our sponsor: * Bulldog Online Yoga: Head to bulldogonline.com and use promo code SHAMELESS for a 30 day free trial and 50% off your next month!
52 min
Social Skills Coaching
Social Skills Coaching
Patrick King
What is Half of Half?
Finally, what’s half of half? 25 percent. What’s half of that? 12.5 percent. What happens when you get to infinitesimal numbers? Do you ever reach zero? Nope. But is that reflective of reality? Nope. That’s what Zeno’s paradoxes sought to explain: what seems to be apparent and obvious on paper often has no bearing to reality. Once again, the map is not the territory. Zeno’s paradoxes play out at the interface between math and life, between concept and reality. Importantly, they may show us how uncomfortable the fit really is: what can seem “intuitively” correct can be shown to be completely wrong mathematically, statistically or theoretically. Could it be that the conception of “infinity” itself is flawed, and so every story based on it will eventually contain strange paradoxes like these? Read the show notes and/or transcript at https://bit.ly/social-skills-shownotes Get the audiobook on Audible at https://bit.ly/ThoughtExpKing For a free minibook on conversation tactics, visit Patrick King Consulting at https://bit.ly/pkconsulting For narration information visit Russell Newton at https://bit.ly/VoW-home For production information visit Newton Media Group LLC at https://bit.ly/newtonmg #Achilles #eleatic #Heisenberg #PatrickKing #PatrickKingConsulting #SocialSkillsCoaching #Planck #RussellNewton #NewtonMG #TrolleyProblem #Zeno #ThoughtExperiments Achilles,eleatic,Heisenberg,Patrick King, Patrick King Consulting,Social Skills Coaching,Planck,Russell Newton,NewtonMG,Trolley Problem,Zeno,Thought Experiments,
10 min
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