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Bigfoot: The Unforgettable Encounter (Re-Broadcast)
Jul 30, 2020 · 2 hr 24 min
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Plot Synopsis

When Bigfoot – or A bigfoot, depending on who you ask – is sighted outside a small mountain town, an evil billionaire offers a one million dollar reward for Bigfoot’s capture, dead or alive. A media circus ensues as swarms of hunters arrive to search the woods for the creature, as well as a team of researchers who want to study it. But after Bigfoot rescues a young boy named Cody from a bear attack in the woods, Cody makes it his mission to convince the world that Bigfoot deserves to be free.

This week on Grunt Work: Nights

Have you ever seen something so delectable, so scrumptious, so heavenly tasty that you ruined the delicate nature of your silk shirt that you happened to be wearing in the 1990s because you drooled all over it and it was privately a tragedy, but publicly you were probably better off because silk shirts on men were an awful fashion trend?

Well have we got the episode for you! This week we are talking about food on film. Those scenes that just make your mouth water with the most delicious gourmets you’ve ever seen. Movie food looks great for a reason!

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