Robo-Advisers - Are they the answer to AUM fees?
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“Robo-advisors” promise to automate your investing, grow your wealth and do it all for (almost) free. Best of all: You never have to sit down with a smooth-talking financial adviser who gets his check even when your portfolio tanks.

While robo-advisors solve some problems with financial services, they’re far from perfect. In this episode, you’ll find out how they really make money (Hint: Not the 0.25% transaction fee) and what you should consider before using one. 

Want to find out if a robo-advisor can grow your wealth sustainably? Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • The hidden reason big banks love robo-advisors. (2:44) 
  • How robo-advisors make money off of you (even if you’re not paying any fees). (5:57)
  • Why even the world’s best robo-advisor can’t insulate you from volatile stocks, greedy bankers and economic crashes. (8:57)
  • The “IRS fee” you only hear about a year after starting with a robo-advisor. (10:18)
  • Why trading options can evaporate your wealth (even if you make money at first). (12:17)
  • How a robo-advisor manipulated their users into buying 40x more shares (without getting them bigger returns). (14:45)
  • The 50-year old “convention” that makes growing your wealth feel like a rollercoaster ride. (18:55)
  • Why “investing” with some financial apps is like giving your paycheck to Caesars Palace (22:27)

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