Ashley Barnhart - Saving Just to Spend? (and Other Adult Struggles)
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We all know we’re supposed to save money. But most of us don’t know what for. Why save to buy something later when you can buy the same thing now?

This week’s guest is Ashley Barnhart. She hosts the Adult Struggles Podcast and struggled with saving for a long time. She always saved some money, but never deeply understood how to manage her money to live a wealthy life. But then something tore apart her family, money was tight and she had to learn how to manage her finances. 

Today, she doesn’t have anxiety about money because she knows exactly where ever

In this episode, you’ll discover how to change your money mindset so you’re not anxious about money anymore. Want to grow your wealth and feel real freedom?

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • How having a child makes it easier to save money. (6:08)
  • How to stop letting your bank account control your self-worth. (8:51)
  • Why college kids can be fulfilled while money is tight—and how to tap into that happiness, no matter how old you are. (10:08)
  • Grandma’s method of building an emergency fund with “weird money”. (15:21)
  • How the “learner’s mindset” lets you grow from difficult conversations. (22:34)

Remember to download Grandma’s Top Tips for an Independent Financial Future by dropping into It's time for YOU to break through to a smart, stable, financial future.

If you’d like to see how Grandma’s timeless wealth strategies can work in your life, schedule your free 15-minute coffee chat with us by visiting… just like Grandma would want us to do.

Ashley Barnhart is the creator and host of the Adult Struggles Podcast, a show dedicated to helping young adults overcome common life obstacles. Ashley interviews guests from around the world who have faced challenges and are eager to teach others about their successes and failures along the way. From career growth and personal development to financial planning and more, there’s always something new to learn from Adult Struggles.

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