Clarifying Your Message with Dolores Hirschmann
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Dolores Hirschmann is an internationally recognized strategist, coach, speaker, and founder of Masters in Clarity, a strategy and coaching company that helps clients clarify their message and implement virtual business growth systems. Dolores has been a remote employee and virtual business owner for over 20 years. As a former TEDx organizer, Dolores understands how to help experts, authors, consultants, coaches, doctors, and other service business owners position themselves as thought leaders in their field and scale their business.


We all have a big vision. Something important to us. It is mostly seen as the most difficult thing in the world, and we can give up easily because of this reason. However, we cannot notice that our mindset is one of the biggest reasons that makes us feel that way. When we start to change and look at the situations from a different perspective, we will learn the way not only to professional success but to personal success.


“What I’ve learned through the years is to be a lot more of a listener well to the market to be able to have a vision of what is possible and at the same time play with the concept of minimum viable product or project and say “okay, that is like a big vision”…but what of that vision can be incorporated or deployed or accepted by the market today?”

“What is the micro idea of that idea that can be adapted today? So, start creating the seeds of transformation but from a place of meeting the market where they are. You cannot move a market to the way it is not. But you can move it if you are guided through a process.”

“When we know about who we are talking to and we use the language that is appropriate and we create a product and design around those people, those people feel heard, seen and they pay attention. And that’s when you create your own unique space.”

“When you are running a business of a product and if it is not selling, you see “okay, what’s wrong with the product?” But when you are the product, all is mixed up emotionally so would say there is a lot of mindset work that I had to do over the years to really get out of the way of my own success.”

“Every single aspect of our inner growth will determine how we show up and how we behave of actions, what word we say, how we communicate. So, I really think that there is no outside growth without inside growth.”


Levent Yildizgoren, the author of 'Good Business in any Language', is an award-winning entrepreneur, localisation professional, and a PRINCE2 qualified project manager.






Dolores Hirschmann is an internationally recognized strategist, coach, speaker, and founder of Masters in Clarity.



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