Seamless Customer Experience with Edith Bendermacher
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Edith Bendermacher is the Director of Globalization Strategy and Localization Operations at NetApp, based in San Jose, California. Focused on the end goal of delivering the best global Customer Experience, her team is responsible for the strategic planning and execution of globalization across all departments, including delivery, innovation, uptake, and return of the globalization investments. Under her lead, the Globalization Center of Excellence provides localized offerings in up to 15 languages.

Edith is a regular speaker on globalization in panels and globalization industry events. Edith is also a member of the Women in Technology Group at NetApp. Starting in 2022, she became the Program Director of the Women in Localization Marketing Program. Additionally, Edith’s passion is developing and mentoring rising localization professionals through programs such as MIIS/NetApp Professional Coordinated Studies.


The customer experience is a vital part of your business and understanding customers from all perspectives can help you deliver successful services. Customer journey stages are the key to this success. Based on your business model, there can be even seven stages but in general, there are a discovery stage, evaluation stage, purchase stage, deployment, or support stage. Each customer journey stage has a different set of content that is required in order to satisfy the customer’s needs.


“From a globalization point of view, the best customer experience means a seamless experience across the websites and platforms that we have across the products and content that we have. So when the customer starts the journey with NetApp, they should be able to find all the relevant information that they need to make informed choices with.”

“The native language is a way to quickly browse, digest and memorize and filter all that information and accelerate the business outcome. Right. It can help to choose the right product it can help to fix an issue and it can help to provide a tool to learn about the product.”

“There's the discovery stage and then there's the evaluation stage. Everybody has to discover the company and everybody evaluates a company. So we looked in depth, what are the pieces of content that fall into these categories. So for example, product and solution descriptions, right or customer references, or even technical documentation needs to be accessible in language at that stage in order for the customer to figure out and discover what is it that we do and then also to evaluate if our product and our solutions are the ones that they need in order to be successful.”

“So we don't localize just to localize. We really make an effort to really understand what are the important pieces of the customer journey and what brings the biggest value to our customers.”


Sıla Erol started her journey at TTC wetranslate Ltd as a Project Coordinator and has been continuing as a Key Account Manager after graduating from Translation and Interpreting Department at Ege University in Izmir/Turkey.



Edith Bendermacher is Director of Globalization Strategy and Localization Operations at NetApp, based in San Jose, California.



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