Breaking Stereotypes for International Trade with Shekhar Varma
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Shekhar Varma is a Business Coaching Specialist and also Associate Partner at Coach Strategic Growth For Enterprise SGFE. He has 30 years of experience as a business owner, international coach, and trainer. He works with leaders, teams, and CEOs from diverse cultures around the world focused on helping them grow their business by facilitating insights and clarity that take a plan from good to great. He has extensive experience in working with leaders to develop a high-performance culture that creates a winning team. He believes that diversity and inclusion even in SMEs are important in winning talent to propel your business to greatness.

Shekhar specialises in contextual business planning, is a sought-after coach, and is skilful in putting clients at ease and listening. He will challenge and encourage you to push forward and expand your possibilities and potential.


Globalization has been a hot topic lately and there are four major barriers to international trade: language differences between countries, cultures that have never had contact with one another before whereas others do not even perceive them differently due to their similar backgrounds (perceptual barrier), practical concerns such as transportation costs for delivering products across borders without incurring significant losses on either side of an agreement; finally psychological fears. To overcome these barriers, business owners should have a global mindset or they want to develop a global mindset by breaking these stereotypes.


“I would say that working with people abroad, you have to be aware of local customs, and you'd have to be aware of, if you like, local habits, but you shouldn't be intimidated by them. And I think for me a lot of the time I found people very welcoming.”

“One of the interesting things about international culture and working in international business is we have a tendency to look at how we tolerate other people's cultures. And I believe quite strongly in the benefit of diversity is that you can actually find that there are different ways of doing things in different cultures. And maybe by understanding the way that somebody thinks from a Middle Eastern background or from a far eastern background might change the way you might improve the way that you do things and you go from tolerance to embracing to change.”

“In regard to international trade, then you need to understand the working practices. You need to understand how that country how the people there might view you and that might be both political. So I think majority of people in this country would be ignorant of how a lot of other political systems in the world work. And I think equally, people from other countries don't necessarily understand how politics, for instance, works in this country, and how therefore that influences the economy and the way that people do business.”

“I think you've got those language barriers. I think there's a perception that it's much more difficult. And I think, you know, some of these are realities. It's not an easy thing to do. And you, therefore, need a plan. I think there's concerns that people have about Will I get paid? And if so, what how do you manage, for instance, currency risk, and I myself in different ways, and just evolving that over time as to how I've managed the currency risk. So I think there are perceptual barriers. I think there are practical barriers. And I think also to some extent, where does somebody start?”


Levent Yildizgoren, the author of 'Good Business in any Language', is an award-winning entrepreneur, localisation professional, and a PRINCE2 qualified project manager.






Shekhar Varma is a Business Coaching Specialist and also Associate Partner at Coach Strategic Growth For Enterprise SGFE. He has 30 years of experience as a business owner, international coach, and trainer.


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