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Govcon Giants
Nov 30, 2022
151: How non citizens can win Government Contracts - Vicky Mangano
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Real quick before we get started today, just want to let you know we have reopened Academy 3.0 our flagship program helping small businesses win large contracts, visit for more info. Now back to our program.

Given the current crisis between Ukraine and Russia. What is happening overseas withAmazon in China. The building of military commands within Africa, it is a common question that people ask me, "Eric can I get contracts as a non citizen of the United States?"

My guest Today, Vicky Mangano reached out to me from Siciliy Italy stating that she was helping foreign companies win U.S. government contracts in Italy and she wanted to share her experiences. I thought wow this is incredible. So we discuss for the next 45 mins how she’s doing that.

What websites she uses to register foreign entities, how to find international bids, and how you as an American can work overseas and make money.

I had a dinner with a military contractor that told me he usually finds the places he wants to visit first and then seeks out contracts to work there so that it is essentially paid for.

I didn’t think that was a bad idea. So if you or someone you know wants to move to a foreign country, it may be worthwhile identifying contract opportunities there first so that at least you can be billable and travel at the same time.

Also worth noting that if you are a non citizen this is the episode to tune in.

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