EP. 30: Money Mistakes and How to Cope
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Talking about finances can be so awkward! But the truth is that many adults, and often even children, face the stress and anxiety that comes along with financial instability. And although there are many speakers and influencers who strive to guide and teach us how to avoid debt, what happens when we have to learn the hard way? 

Join hosts Elisa and Eryn as they discuss their own personal struggles with finances at different times in their lives. They also chat about the steps they’ve taken to overcome the shame financial struggles cause and how they learned to hear God amidst their own financial messes.

Notes and Quotes: 

  • “I remember the anxiety of seeing an unknown number on my phone knowing it was a debt collector calling to ask me to make payments on something I had zero money for.”
  • “So in a way someone paying for your egg sandwich and coffee . . . in that moment you sensed God seeing you, hearing you, being with you, noticing your situation.”
  • “Looking back now I can see [how] I saw my relationship with the Lord in how much money He provided, and I put the value on myself in how much money I made.”
  • “Is God going to get me out of this if I got myself into this?”
  • “I feel that shame, and it wasn’t my fault. I was just a kid. I felt embarrassed when friends came over.”
  • “We carry around this incredible shame about our financial trauma, whether it has been our choice or it happened to us.”
  • “Money can be a power thing in marriage. Whoever is the main breadwinner can control everything.”
  • “The reality is that marriage is a partnership and we have to learn to ask for what we need.”
  • “It was me leaning into the discomfort that led to me leaning into God, who was the only comfort that brought me out of it and also sharpened my character in the process.”
  • “What is the story I am telling myself as I am getting out of this? And what is the story I am telling myself of God being in it?”

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