EP. 22: Dealing with Anger
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We live in a culture that tends to avoid negative emotions. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say to another person who’s angry, frustrated, or sad, “Just buck up! Look on the bright side!” But negative emotions are important. Elisa and Eryn talk about one of the most important emotions—anger—and they explore ways to follow the signs to discover what’s really going on in our hearts and minds. 

Notes and Quotes: 

  • “Anger is like a signal, it may not be the top emotion.”
  •  “There is this aftermath of anger that just kind of lays before us. Sometimes there’s broken pieces of relationships, and sometimes there’s broken pieces of our own hearts.”
  • “When we’re angry, could it be an expectation that’s not met?”
  • “Anger can also come from blocked goals.”
  • “Once I realized there are other layers under anger, I kind of felt a little more compassion for myself instead of all this self-condemnation and lostness.”
  • Questions to ask yourself to get to the place of self-compassion: What’s this about? Why am I surprised? What has hurt me? Why am I hurting?
  • “One thing I have learned in my relationship with the Lord is that He is so confident and so secure that my insecurity and my lack of confidence in the heat of the moment doesn’t impact Him or the way that He loves and sees me.”
  • “He [God] probably is hurt that we self-condemn. I think He is probably disappointed that we self-separate from Him and accuse Him of being unloving when He is anything but [unloving].”
  • When the anger switch flips, it’s easy to sin.
  • “Anger can actually serve us and serve God’s purposes when we do our work with it.”

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