EP. 21: No Longer Defined by My Past (with Liz Curtis Higgs)
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We’ve all made bad decisions. Some of those bad decisions come back to haunt us, and some decisions we thought were good at the time end up having nasty consequences. Oftentimes, those moments lead to regret, and many of us struggle to move past our big mistakes. Humorist Liz Curtis Higgs joins Elisa and Eryn to share how we can find freedom from the past and hope for the future. 

Bio of guest: 

Liz Curtis Higgs describes herself as a former “bad girl” who met Jesus and is no longer defined by her mistakes. She’s a best-selling author and well-known speaker, and she wrote the foreword for the best-selling devotional from Our Daily Bread Ministries titled God Sees Her. Liz currently lives with her husband, Bill, in their Kentucky home.

Notes and Quotes: 

  • “I have no comfort zone. I will tell anybody anything if it will point them to the grace of God.”
  • “They saw past all the ick and said, ‘At the heart, she is a woman that needs to know Jesus,’ and so they just loved me right into the kingdom.”
  • “God and His faithfulness waited.”
  • “We all found ways to numb the pain of not being part of the right crowd and created our own crowd.”
  • “For me, I am a girl who likes community, and I wanted that above all.”
  • “When it says in Scripture, ‘He gives you the desires of your heart,’ it doesn’t mean He gives you every little thing your heart desires; it means He places in your heart the desires He would have for you.”
  • “Some of it He dealt with honestly very quickly. . . . That is what I needed. Everybody is different. Some of us are weaned off the old life, and that doesn’t mean that you didn’t hear the Lord correctly or you’re disobedient.” 
  • “The path for each of us is so unique; the Savior, though, is one and the same.”
  • “We all share a kind of badness, and we all struggle with shame around badness. And my badness may not look like your badness, and yours may not look like mine. But we share it; and if we could just love each other in our badness and accept and not judge . . . wow, what a world that could be.”

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