EP. 18: How God Redeems Brokenness (with Toni Collier)
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We all have moments in our past that lead to brokenness. For some, this is a recent past, and for others, childhood trauma continues to shape present reality. What brokenness—or broken people—have you experienced in your life? Today, Toni Collier joins God Hears Her to remind all of us that our past doesn’t have to define us. Instead, even our brokenness can be redeemed by God and used for His glory and our good. 

Bio of guest: 

Toni Collier is a communicator, host, and consultant at North Point Ministries. She’s also a voice of Our Daily Bread, and the creator of the blog “Broken Crayons Still Color”—a place for women to be reminded that our past doesn’t define us. Toni is “Texas proud” of her Houston, Texas, roots, but currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and family.

Notes and Quotes: 

  • “There is a balance between being imperfect and striving for perfection, and I think the middle is hard to sit in.”
  • “I went through a mindset shift that there was a God that wasn’t up there with His finger pointing down at me, but instead was like ‘put me in coach.’”
  • Counseling is not a weakness, it is needed. 
  • “Our lives are like bookshelves.”
  • “It is not the brokenness we are lifting up and celebrating, but it is God’s presence and redemption in the brokenness.”
  • “The world has lied to us, and told us we had to be perfect to be used.”
  • “The truth is, God wants to use us in the middle of our mess.”
  • This is the time to walk boldly in our brokenness.
  • “What people don’t know is what comes with exposing those traumas . . . anxiety.”
  • When we discover our brokenness, it takes time to heal. 
  • “You are more than enough.”

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