EP. 6: How We Hear From God
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Do you find that God speaks to you in a powerful, audible voice? Or do you have a hard time discerning if God is speaking to you at all? In this episode of God Hears Her, Elisa and Eryn discuss a number of ways we can hear God.

Notes and Quotes: 

  • “The title of this podcast is God Hears Her, and to be honest it has always thrown me. God hears her . . . wait, how do we hear God?”
  • God speaks to us during our Scripture reading.
  • Some of us may hear God audibly, whether it be loud and known or as a soft whisper.
  • We can hear from God through other people: our mentors, friends, family. Be sure to discern appropriately whether the person speaking into you is doing it from the heart of God. Review their words against Scripture and allow God to confirm. 
  • God speaks to us through the Holy Spirit, the living Word of God. This can sometimes bring out unexplainable emotion in you, even tears.
  • Eryn’s unplugged morning routine: 1. What am I feeling? 2. Recap yesterday. 3. Talk to God. What is on your heart and mind? 4. Confess. 5. Invite Him in: “God, what do you want to tell me?” 6. Open up Scripture.
  • Journaling can allow us to hear and connect with God.
  • Listen for God while you enjoy art, nature, music, books, conversation, or even a Bible study.
  • Pick a word. Each year focus on a word that God has given to you and really lean into His wisdom and focus on that word. 
  • “How do I hear God? Sometimes it’s in the silence of just sitting and knowing that He hears me.”





Prayers of REST
Prayers of REST
Asheritah Ciuciu
Bonus: Seeking Wisdom (Proverbs 9)
If you are seeking wisdom, understanding or direction in your life today, you can find comfort in the God who provides. Today's episode may encourage you that the Lord makes His Spirit and wisdom available to you through His word. Today’s episode will feature an interview with this podcast's Editor and Producer Alyx Vissing after our normal time of prayer, so stick around to hear more about the power of prayer in the life of a college student and how you can be praying for those around you.  Our scripture reading is Proverbs 9:9-10, and we’ll be praying through the Scriptures using the REST format: Recite God’s Goodness Express Your Neediness Seek His Stillness Trust His Faithfulness As you listen today, try to think of one College Student, or younger person in your life who you can commit to praying for this week; maybe send them a typed prayer or a voice memo praying specifically for them. Send them this episode and come alongside them tp encourage them to seek the Lord in prayer for His wisdom in their life. If you are a college student listening because someone sent you this episode, considering subscribing to the podcast so that you can get future Prayers of Rest episodes and encouragement sent straight to your phone. Until we meet again, may you rest in God’s loving presence. Benediction from Jude verses 24-25. Music by Colby Taylor. Editing and Production by Alyx Vissing. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/prayersofrest/message
19 min
Teach Us to Pray
Teach Us to Pray
Christina Patterson
Episode 12: Prayers That Will Drastically Change Your Life
We've been on such a fruitful journey on this podcast. We've learned that prayer is the way we communicate with the Maker of the Universe, and He not only hears us, but He also responds. We've learned that through prayer, we access healing, wisdom, discernment, peace, protection, joy, and so much power we could never experience on our own. On our last podcast in this series, we share specific prayers that can drastically change your life. We also close out this series by praying together over these areas so that you can start experiencing the benefit of prayer today. Key Takeaways: • If changing our thoughts from negative to positive can turn our day from good to bad, they also have to power to direct the course of our lives. • Our Heavenly Father is ready and willing to guide and direct our steps and provide us with His wisdom and discernment to make the right decisions. • Even when we are weary and weak, the Lord is willing and ready to grant us His strength to surrender to the things we think I can't do or be. Resources Mentions in This Podcast Download Christina's Free 5 Day Prayer Guide at www.belovedwomen.org/prayer-guide to help you put into practice the powerful habit of prayer. Connect with Christina Paterson Website: https://www.belovedwomen.org YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/BelovedWomenTV Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/BelovedWomen Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BelovedWomen Scriptures in the Podcast are from NIV, ESV or NKJV Episode Image Credit: Getty/mhatzapa
10 min
The Woman God Created You to Be
The Woman God Created You to Be
Kimberla Lawson Roby
Living by The Golden Rule
The whole idea of not judging others can sometimes be very hard to understand—especially when people continue saying and doing some truly awful things. But as women of God, what we still have to remember—what we still have to keep in mind—whether we want to or not, is this: We don’t always know that person’s heart or their entire story. We just don’t know their complete history. We also don’t necessarily know what they’ve been through in terms of childhood pain, or some other kind of pain or abuse that they may have endured once they became an adult. Or they might even be struggling with mental and emotional issues that haven’t been diagnosed or properly treated. Because while none of what I just mentioned justifies bad behavior—nor does it give anyone an automatic pass when it comes to treating others badly, there are times when we may need to think before being so quick to judge or criticize someone or cut them off completely. In today’s episode, I discuss The Golden Rule and how important it is to treat others the way we want to be treated. About Kimberla: Kimberla is a Christian woman, wife, bonus mom, speaker, and New York Times bestselling author of 28 books, including THE WOMAN GOD CREATED YOU TO BE: Finding Success Through Faith—Spiritually, Personally, and Professionally, which is the companion book for this podcast. Kimberla has sold nearly 3 million copies of her books, and they have frequented numerous bestseller lists, such as The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, Publishers Weekly, Essence magazine, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many others. She is the recipient of the 2013 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work – Fiction and the 2017 SOAR Radio Trailblazer of Honor award, and in August 2020, she was named by USA Today as one of the 100 black novelists you should read. Over the years, Kimberla has spoken to thousands of women at churches, conferences, luncheons, libraries, colleges, and universities where she candidly shares her personal journey—hoping to help women become all that God created them to be. Kimberla resides in Illinois with her husband, Will. To be notified about each new episode of this podcast, please subscribe or follow it through your favorite podcast app or website. Get a copy of the companion book here: The Woman God Created You to Be: Finding Success Through Faith--Spiritually, Personally, and Professionally. To chat with Kimberla online or to discuss her weekly topics, please visit: Facebook: @kimberlalawsonroby Instagram: @kimberlalawsonroby Twitter: @KimberlaLRoby Clubhouse: @kimberla Website: www.kimroby.com
12 min
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