From ‘I’ to ‘We:’ Strengthening & Empowering Your Team as a Leader with Jason Fischer of UL
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Another Fifth Dimensional Leadership episode, another fantastic guest! Today we are joined by an extraordinary leader, Jason Fischer; the President of Enterprise and Advisory at UL. Jason leads UL’s SaaS and Advisory business, connecting data and science to protect customer value chains by enhancing product quality, optimizing supply chains, and advancing enterprise sustainability.


As a global organization, UL works to help customers, purchasers, and policymakers navigate market risk and complexity. They build trust in the safety, security, and sustainability of products, organizations, and supply chains — enabling smarter choices and better lives. 


In this episode, Jason Fischer shares about his career background, UL, how he has evolved as a leader over the years, how he has been deliberate in his learning, and key lessons he has learned in establishing himself as a leader. He also shares his leadership philosophy, what a day for him and his team looks like at UL, invaluable leadership advice, his hopes and predictions for the future, and how he helps foster an organizational culture that allows people to speak their truth.


Key Takeaways:

[:50] About today’s episode with Jason Fischer.

[1:28] Welcoming Jason to the podcast!

[1:52] Jason explains his role at UL.

[2:53] The history of UL and how it has evolved over the years.

[5:42] Jason shares where UL is headed overall as a company.

[7:39] Jason speaks about his career background, the lessons he has learned, and how he made his way to UL.

[10:58] The importance of the apprenticeship model and how it accelerates learning and growth.

[13:47] What Jason has learned as a leader and how he established himself as a leader.

[16:39] Jason speaks about the tendencies (or triggers) that have steered him off course and how he got himself back on track. He also gives advice to fellow leaders who may have found themselves also steered off course.

[19:38] The importance of understanding your team dynamic to create a well-balanced team.

[22:03] One of the five dimensions of leadership is ‘speak your truth.’ How does Jason, as a leader, foster an organizational culture that allows people to speak their truth?

[25:00] Jason shares his leadership philosophy.

[26:46] What is on the horizon for UL as a global organization? What does Jason see happening in the next five years?

[28:15] Jason explains the various elements of the supply chain.

[30:22] Jason speaks about his and his team’s day-to-day at UL, as well as the importance of investing in your team and pushing your comfort zone.

[34:37] What are the capabilities that Jason looks for in other leaders? What qualities does he want as a part of his team? And will these skills be different five years from now than they are today?

[36:42] Jason shares his hopes for the future when it comes to technology advancing paired with the uniquely human skills (of emotions and subjectivity).

[38:17] Jason’s parting thoughts, wisdom, advice, and hope to fellow leaders.

[39:38] Thanking Jason for joining us today!


Mentioned in this Episode:

Jason Fischer’s LinkedIn


Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, by Carol S. Dweck


About Fifth Dimensional Leadership & Ginny Clarke Fifth-Dimensional Leadership is a podcast about leadership — knowing yourself, speaking your truth, inspiring love, expanding your consciousness and activating your mastery. As an executive recruiter and career expert currently leading executive recruiting at a Fortune 20 tech company, Ginny Clarke is a passionate and authentic thought leader with a unique and deliberate perspective on work and life. She synthesizes aspects of her life as an African-American single mother who has successfully navigated corporate America for over 30 years. She has inspired, uplifted, and changed the lives of thousands and is intentional about bringing conscious awareness to people of all ages and stages.   Every other week, a new edition of Fifth-Dimensional Leadership will include fascinating guests, covering a variety of topics: power, personal branding, self-awareness, networking, fear, and career management   Stay Connected! To find more episodes or learn more, visit: Connect with her on social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube
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