Building Your Career Narrative — Part I
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Welcome back to the podcast, leaders! As the holidays approach and we wind down for the year I hope you take the time to be kind to yourself.


In this episode, we’re starting the first part of a two-part series about building your career narrative. The biggest mistake that I see people make in planning or driving their careers is that they can’t tell their own story; they don’t have a narrative. Wherever you are in your career journey — whether you’re stable in your current role, actively seeking a new opportunity, or somewhere in-between — I invite you to join me today to invest in yourself as we move forward into 2021.


In this first part, we go over a brief history of storytelling, how to build your narrative, and why your story matters. I share the best ways to communicate your value to others,

deconstruct the elements of a great narrative, and breakdown how to recognize whether your story is enabling you or blocking you from your full potential or career opportunities.


Having a cohesive, coherent, and compelling career story and being able to tell that story for different audiences in different contexts is table-stakes — or, in other words, expected. And the best news is: in this world of change and possibility, it’s one of the few variables that is entirely within your control! So let’s get to work and get your story straight.


Key Takeaways:

[:50] Be sure to take the time to be kind to yourself as you wind down for this year. Honor.                                                                                         the strength, endurance, and perseverance it took to reach this truly challenging year.

[2:07] The concept of liminality and how it perfectly describes where we currently all are.

[3:25] The exciting part about being within these moments of liminality: we can encounter the realm of pure possibility, or, the first law of pure potentiality.

[4:11] My current experience with being in this liminal state and what I am excited about going forward.

[5:13] However you are experiencing your own liminal moment, I want you to experience the realm of pure possibility with me.

[5:32] About today’s special episode on building your career narrative.

[6:58] A brief history of storytelling and why it is so universal all around the globe.

[10:05] The essential pieces of making sure your career narrative is current, crisp, and strong.

[10:56] What our season 1 guest, Shellye Archambeau, can teach us about building a strong career narrative.

[13:11] The first step you should take in building your narrative: build a master resume.

[14:28] How to speak to the fundamentals of your story using these essential ingredients (that are a part of every story.)

[16:12] How to focus and refine your narrative as you progress.

[16:45] What the focus of your career narrative should be on.

[16:54] What previous guest, Gotham Chopra, can teach us about the importance of being honest and vulnerable in telling your story.

[19:51] Why your narrative is so vitally important.

[22:12] The psychological advantages to speaking your story aloud.

[24:05] The most compelling and important reason for building and sharing your story.

[24:53] What my guest Dorri McWhorter taught us about the power of manifesting possibilities through sharing your story.

[26:06] Closing thoughts and key lessons from the various archetypes of leaders I have encountered over the course of my career.

[30:31] A summary of all that we’ve covered in this episode.

[31:18] What’s to come in the next episode of this two-part series!

[31:35] Be sure to tweet us or send us an email if you want your question answered in the next episode!


Mentioned in this Episode:


The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams, by Deepak Chopra

The Hero with a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell

The Hero’s Journey (or, the Monomyth)

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Fifth Dimensional Leadership Ep. 7: “Filmmaker Gotham Chopra on Leadership and the Religion of Sports

A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, by Daniel H. PinkGestalt Therapy

“What Makes Storytelling So Effective For Learning?”, by Vanessa Boris | Harvard Business Publishing

Fifth Dimensional Leadership Ep. 4: “‘You Can’t Do Good Business with Bad People’: Dorri McWhorter on Creating Inclusivity, Empowering Women, and Eliminating Racism”


About Fifth Dimensional Leadership & Ginny Clarke Fifth-Dimensional Leadership is a podcast about leadership — knowing yourself, speaking your truth, inspiring love, expanding your consciousness and activating your mastery. As an executive recruiter and career expert currently leading executive recruiting at a Fortune 20 tech company, Ginny Clarke is a passionate and authentic thought leader with a unique and deliberate perspective on work and life. She synthesizes aspects of her life as an African-American single mother who has successfully navigated corporate America for over 30 years. She has inspired, uplifted, and changed the lives of thousands and is intentional about bringing conscious awareness to people of all ages and stages.   Every other week, a new edition of Fifth-Dimensional Leadership will include fascinating guests, covering a variety of topics: power, personal branding, self-awareness, networking, fear, and career management   Stay Connected! To find more episodes or learn more, visit: Connect with her on social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube
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