Profound Insights from Tech Entrepreneur, Writer, Collector and Firebrand, Howard Tullman
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Another episode of Fifth Dimensional Leadership, and another fabulous guest!


Howard Tullman is an incredibly accomplished serial entrepreneur. He is multi-faceted on several levels and has touched many different domains from software to art to gaming to education to business and much more. He is the founding Executive Director of the Kaplan Institute at Illinois Tech and is the current General Managing Partner for the Chicago High Tech Investors, LLC and G2T3V, LLC. He was also the long-time CEO of 1871; the #1 ranked private business incubator in the world that exists to support early-stage, growth-stage, and corporate innovators in building extraordinary businesses. Previously to this, he was the Chairman, President and CEO of Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy which he co-founded in 2007. Altogether, Howard has successfully founded more than a dozen high-tech businesses in his 50-year career and created more than $1 billion in investor value as well as thousands of new jobs.


As a futurist, a visionary, and an author of numerous books, Howard not only shares invaluable advice for like-minded entrepreneurs in today’s episode, but he also speaks to how he has personally brought many of his visions to reality. He speaks about his key lessons in his career, what mastery means to him, how he discovered his unique skills as a leader, and powerful insights on innovation and creating new jobs within communities. This is a fantastic conversation and I cannot wait for you all to tune in!


Key Takeaways:

[:50] About today’s episode with Howard Tullman.

[2:32] Welcoming Howard to the podcast!

[2:52] How has Howard been able to bring so many visions to life across many different sectors?

[5:58] How and where Howard grew up and how that has impacted his life both personally and professionally.

[8:17] Howard’s insights on mastery and what it means to him.

[9:23] The importance of honoring different kinds of employees.

[12:58] When Howard considered himself a leader and his advice to up-and-coming leaders.

[17:20] How Howard discovered his unique skills through lessons in his career.

[21:46] Howard’s insights on how we can regenerate communities by creating business opportunities rather than focusing on technology.

[24:41] About 1871, Howard’s vision for it, the legacy he left behind with it.

[29:08] What Howard is proudest of.

[31:09] Why education and healthcare are not currently aligned to support the youth of tomorrow and Howard’s ideas on what we could do to fix these issues and provide the youth with the important soft skills necessary to thrive in any industry.

[33:53] Howard’s insights on why we should take a break from focusing on technology and instead focus on content.

[40:18] Howard shares his mindset around entrepreneurship.

[43:57] The difference between innovation and invention.

[44:24] About Howard’s family and why he’s proud of them.

[45:27] Howard shares a lesson on priorities and finding balance in life.

[47:12] Thanking Howard for joining the podcast!

[47:42] Howard leaves us with some final words of wisdom on the theme of love.

[51:58] Thanking Howard once again for joining Fifth Dimensional Leadership and sharing his invaluable insights!


Mentioned in this Episode:

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You Can't Win a Race With Your Mouth: And 299 Other Expert Tips from a Lifelong Entrepreneur, by Howard A. Tullman

Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy



About Fifth Dimensional Leadership & Ginny Clarke Fifth-Dimensional Leadership is a podcast about leadership — knowing yourself, speaking your truth, inspiring love, expanding your consciousness and activating your mastery. As an executive recruiter and career expert currently leading executive recruiting at a Fortune 20 tech company, Ginny Clarke is a passionate and authentic thought leader with a unique and deliberate perspective on work and life. She synthesizes aspects of her life as an African-American single mother who has successfully navigated corporate America for over 30 years. She has inspired, uplifted, and changed the lives of thousands and is intentional about bringing conscious awareness to people of all ages and stages.   Every other week, a new edition of Fifth-Dimensional Leadership will include fascinating guests, covering a variety of topics: power, personal branding, self-awareness, networking, fear, and career management.   Stay Connected! To find more episodes or learn more, visit: Connect with her on social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube
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