Reflections, Insights and Predictions from CEO, Evan Sohn
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Evan Sohn is a veteran entrepreneur, visionary executive, and the CEO of They are an on-demand recruiting platform that combines AI and video job matching techniques with the world's largest network of small and independent recruiters. Evan is a frequent contributor to CNBC, Yahoo Finance and has expertise in various industries such as Wi-Fi, instant messaging, and CRM.


Even from his earlier years, Evan likes to reinvent the wheels of industries. And with his mission-driven leadership style, he was able to steer into a new direction that has paid off really well for them. From a media company, they are now one of the biggest recruiting agencies in the world.


In our conversation, Evan talks about what it means to be a mission-driven leader, why we are in the golden age of recruiting, and what inspired his involvement in a foundation for cancer-related diseases. 


In this episode, you will learn:


  • What is mission-driven leadership
  • How to overcome failures and find your strengths 
  • Leading people to be more successful than you
  • What defines a great leader
  • How has been a disrupter in the talent space
  • What the “Golden Age Of Recruiting” is 
  • Why we are experiencing “The War for Talent”




"A business doesn't rely on one person. It relies on lots of people who have a shared mission, and each one is executing against their piece of that overall mission." - Evan Sohn


"You are more than your resume. The resume is an antiquated document" - Evan Sohn


"It's much cheaper to keep an employee than to lose them" - Evan Sohn


"Your responsibility as a child is to learn from both the mistakes and the successes of your parents and improve upon them" - Evan Sohn

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