How to Pick Your Tech Stack for Your Short-Term Rental
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There is no such thing as the perfect property management system (PMS). So, if you’ve been waiting for a unicorn that will solve all of your problems, you’re out of luck. But what you CAN do is find a PMS that meets MOST of your needs and integrate it with other software, building a tech stack that works for YOUR short-term rental (STR) business. 

John An is the STR Legend, real estate investor and technology expert behind Ohana Stay, a vacation rental company based in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is an active member of our STR Profit Academy Inner Circle and sought-after property manager, bringing in returns 20% to 50% above market. John also works with existing property managers, providing them with the technology stack he has developed.

Today, John joins me to share his process for building a tech stack for your STR business and walk us through the set of software packages he uses to run Ohana Stay. He explains why there is no perfect PMS and how to pick one that meets most of your needs—based on the features that are important to you. Listen in for John’s insight on creating the right cocktail of technologies and learn how you can make several existing software programs work together to get the functionality you need!

Topics Covered

John’s background as a STR host in Honolulu

  • Bought property, decided to self-manage remotely
  • Built out technology and systems for efficiency

How COVID-19 is impacting hosts in Hawaii

  • State very careful about letting people travel
  • John hosting medical professionals + locals

John’s strategic approach to building a portfolio

  • Start with buying own properties to hold long term
  • Onboard additional STRs through word-of-mouth

John’s process for building a tech stack for your STR business

  1. What channels do you want to be on?
  2. What core features are most important to you?

The tech stack John uses to run his own STR business

John’s advice for building the tech stack that works for you

  • Look for pieces with functionalities you need
  • Develop workarounds in absence of integration

How Smartbnb’s AI works to answer guest questions

  • Identifies keywords and determines context
  • Answers common questions (e.g.: parking, early check-in)

John’s mindset around creating a cocktail of technologies

  • Constantly test new things and be willing to make changes
  • No perfect PMS, so put together pieces that work for you

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