S2 EP5 - How to Use Gamification to Enhance Learning
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Gamification isn't just a trendy term. While gamification within corporate training is far from child's play, HR and Learning and Development personnel should not overlook its advantages. Incorporating gaming and leveraging competition into the business preparation would render it more dynamic and significantly improve trainees' participation.

Games are fun and accessible to almost anyone due to its simplicity, plus it has a powerful motivator at its core: the determination to win. If you took away that goal, the game would then become instantly worthless. Instead, take this "motivating element" and add it to training and Learning, and you get "gamification." A fundamental philosophy that builds trainees' interest aims to transform beliefs and behaviors, and improve abilities with a practical, applied, and fully hands-on learning method.

Get Your New View's newest episode will get into How to Use Gamification to Enhance Learning. Tune in to the full episode and make your next training session fun and more effective. 

Key areas you'll learn in this episode:

  • Although it's pretty obvious, it's worth reiterating that training that does not incorporate any fun doesn't accomplish the same results that training with fun does—it makes a big difference. 
  • Discover ways on how to incorporate gamification in training appropriately. Learn how to design your quizzes, how to gamify surveys, and when are the right time to use fun and interactive polls.
  • Understand the impact of giving out incentives and prizes for winners and how it encourages people to participate.
  • Don't dismiss the idea of fidget toys and how they can help your brain. Note that engaging your hands in some activity while Learning makes your brains easier to engage.
  • Get the motivation to gamify your training sessions. Remember that sitting in lectures or watching a video repeatedly is less effective than something where gamification or achievements are involved.

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About Kerry Peters & New View Strategies:

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