009 The Four Alternate Realities of the Corporate-Customer Universe
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I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about how hard it is for customer experience professionals to get buy-in for investment in customer experience improvement programmes.  This, at a time when business, public services and customers are all experiencing so much change and so many challenges.  It’s almost as though the huge efforts and sacrifices that so many made during the global health crisis, to keep responding to their customers, has been forgotten.

During the global health crisis, customer service functions needed to duck and weave to keep their organisations afloat.  In record time, they had to change their operating procedures, adopt new practices and new technologies, and many moving to remote working.

There wasn’t time to go through a lengthy business justification and an ROI calculation.  It was a case of survival for those who could adapt the fastest and best to do whatever was needed to serve their customers. 

But now, as the world slowly returns to normal, many organisations have moved on to what they see as a new crisis of change. It’s one driven by a cascade of issues like increased prices, limited finance and resources, and problems of shipping and supply.

But there’s a risk, that the customer is now being missed out of the equation and that organisations may have forgotten that their success is, and always has been, driven by their ability to satisfy the needs of their customers.

For customer experience professionals to succeed in the current environment, they are having to rebuild the rigour of disciplines and frameworks to describe and justify where customer experience investment is needed to support this, and future crises of change.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

So, I’d like to turn to one of the diagnostic frameworks we use in our customer experience transformation programmes to help demonstrate the role that positive customer experiences have on an organisation’s success, and the cost of getting things wrong.  In this episode we look at the four alternate realities of the corporate-customer universe.

By the end of this episode you should have a better insight into the dynamics at play that undermine value, add unnecessary costs, and the steps you need to take to get the information you need, to make the best decisions, to set the right priorities, and take the right actions, for your organisation to succeed in these challenging times.

Practice guide

We’ve prepared a CTMA Practice Guide “The Four Alternate Realities of the Corporate-Customer Universe” that summarises the key points in this episode. Request your copy here 

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