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In this launch episode I want to let you know what this podcast series is all about, and why it’s so important to you and your organisation now. We’re on a mission: to demystify customer experience and put the power of success in your hands, so you can take control and manage your customers’ experiences, before they ‘take over the wheel’ and manage yours.

Customer experience has become one of the most talked-about, but high-risk and reluctant areas of business investment, where everyone seems to agree it’s important, but seldom really agree on why it’s important, why it should be improved, how much should be spent on it, and even, what it should be spent on.

In this podcast series, I’m going to tackle some of the big challenges that often block the path to delivering effective customer experiences, and answer some of the big questions standing in the way of progress:

  • Why should we bother to improve customer experience?
  • Why does it seem that customer excellence is so rare and so hard to achieve?
  • What’s the right way to measure customer experience so that:
    1. You know the impact it has on your organisation’s success, and...
    2. You know what to do to improve it?
  • How do you set priorities for improvement, and calculate the ROI?
  • How can you break through the organisation’s hierarchies and departmental barriers and get everyone involved?
  • And then, how do you keep everyone involved?

During the series, I’ll be revisiting some of the tough moments I’ve shared with clients over the past 25 years, in a wide range of industries, from airlines to banks, local government to passenger ferries, pharmaceutical and railway companies, telcos, power companies, government agencies and more…

I’ll be sharing some of the strategies and frameworks we’ve developed to help them unblock their path to customer excellence, and some of the techniques we teach during our leadership training and coaching programmes.   I’ll also be using some of the findings from our industry-wide customer experience studies and ongoing measurement programmes - to help you put some real numbers into why it’s so important to get customer experience right.

We’ve prepared a short CTMA “Practice Guide” to help you assess where your organisation’s customer experience programme may be at risk.  It summarises, from our experience, “Six Key Reasons why Customer Experience Improvement Programmes Underperform, Get Stuck or Fail to Start”.

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